Poor Mellie, Quinn & Mama Pope: 10 Most Jaw Dropping Moments From Scandal

November 15, 2013  |  
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Last night’s episode of “Scandal” was probably the most scandalous and emotionally draining episode of the night. When it was all over and done with I found myself just staring at the floor in shock. And surprisingly, even though last night’s episode took me through so many changes, it had very little to do with Olivia herself. But that didn’t keep it from being insanely good. Check out last night’s most jaw-dropping moments.

Throwback Thursday

The episode spent a significant amount of time in the past and subsequently shed some light on why things are the way they are between Fitz and Mellie, Fitz and his father and Fitz and himself. I was shocked to see that there was a time when Fitz and Mellie were really in love with one another. He used that same hand under the sheets move that he pulled on Olivia at the beginning of the season. They look happy together. We always knew that Daddy Grant was a bit of a jerk, but in this episode he degrades Fitz in such a way that lets us know he’s crueler than we initially imagined. He essentially tells Fitz that he’s nothing without him and will never be elected to political office. And though that was terrible, he proves to be far, far worse.


Back in the day, Cyrus meets Fitz and Mellie when they’re just beginning their political career. He comes in trying to explain strategy and what Fitz and Mellie would need to do in order to get to the White House. When Cyrus tells Fitz he’ll need to play up his military background and Fitz refuses, he leaves. As he’s leaving Mellie asks what it is that she can do to help. He tells her essentially that she’ll have to abandon her interests and focus solely on Fitz. And in the middle of that speech, he says that he has a wife. It was a record scratch moment. Whether he was really married or not, Cyrus wasn’t living his truth.

Poor Mellie

I’ve never been a huge fan of Mellie. She always seemed opportunistic and annoying. But last night was the first time I felt like I understood her motivations and just how committed she is to Fitz’s career. When Cyrus told her she was going to have to give up her life to help Fitz, she really took that upon her shoulders. So much so that when Fitz’s father raped her, she didn’t say anything because she knew it would break him. Had she told him, he might have tried to kill his father. Either way, he would have never been president. I’m wondering if Mellie is feeling like all of that work is worth it.

Abby and Liv hug it out

In one of the few times we see Olivia on screen, Abby is reaching out and giving her a hug. And honestly, Olivia could have used some hugs a long time ago but she never let her gladiators in on her personal business. But now that they know her mother allegedly killed her father and she can’t be with the man she loves, she’s certainly in need of some type of affection. Homegirl’s life is a wreck.

Fitz shows up for Mellie

Fitz and Mellie have a pretty lovely moment when he decides to participate in the interview they had scheduled. Not only does he participate, he comes to Mellie’s defense when the journalist tries to hold her accountable for Fitz’s affair. After hearing her backstory, it’s the least he could do for her.

Sally’s husband

Lawd Sallie’s life is a debacle. To the public, she’s a Bible-thumping conservative but things in her own home are anything but. First her daughter had an abortion and then last night we learned that her husband is at least bi-sexual and at most full on gay. He was trying hard to push up on James.

Quinn is a fool

I know Quinn is a newbie. But at this point she’s seen enough to know that she shouldn’t be so trusting. Why is she making out in cars and dark corners with Charlie?! She knows that man was in B613. I can’t understand why she would assume he would be as kind hearted as Huck. All he had to do was grab her up and kiss her a few times and she was ready to shove needles in people’s arms. Not only was the man she killed someone Olivia and the gladiators needed for their investigation, the whole thing was caught on security cameras, meaning this video will always be something Charlie can hold over her head if she ever tries to break free.

Quinn is in B613

Quinn’s “interest” in B613 finally manifested into a job with them. She thought she was just playing around with it but now she’s in for life. Just what you asked for Quinny…Shame.

Is Fitz’s son his brother?

At the end of the episode, Mellie puts down her class of champagne or wine signaling to Fitz that she’s pregnant. While they’re both excited, when Fitz suggests that his father might try to name the baby Jerry, Mellie considers the notion that this baby might be her father in law’s, making him Fitz’s brother.

Mama Pope is alive

You knew it!

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