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We’re all guilty of having stalked someone on Facebook at least once or twice because, hey, social networking is the way of the world today, right? However, there are some people out there who are seriously suffering from some major stalking disease that they need to cure ASAP! Here are 14 signs you’re a Facebook stalker.

You hunt down new people you meet on Facebook

No matter if it’s a potential boyfriend or someone that you met at a local coffee bar, one of the first things you do after meeting someone new is look them up on Facebook and scope them out a bit. This is especially true if you’re interested in the person.

You hate when someone has tight security controls

Facebook has been all over the place when it comes to security settings for profiles, which is common in an ever-changing social networking world. However, you know you’re a Facebook stalker when profiles with high security controls make you a bit angry inside.

You know where someone is before they tell you

When you’re talking to a close friend and she mentions that she was at the mall yesterday and your response is “I know,” that’s when you know you’re seriously a Facebook stalker. This creates a really awkward situation and it proves that you’re on FB a little too much.

You pretend to not know things

On the flip side of this situation, when you’re talking to someone, you find that there are times when you have to pretend to not know certain things about someone to prevent yourself from seeming really creepy, even if you already knew the info that you’re being told. When you’ve got to filter yourself and act like you’re clueless when you aren’t, you’re a huge Facebook stalker.

You’re always looking at your profile

It’s not uncommon for people to change their profile every once in awhile, especially when it comes to profile pictures and statuses. If you’re looking at your profile just to see how other people see it, then you’ve definitely got a problem! You’re a Facebook stalker if you’re constantly checking your profile to make sure that you only give away certain information and post certain pictures that make your life looks amazing and exciting.

You stalk random names you come across

We’re all guilty of this one. You’re watching TV one day and you hear names on the news or you hear names on a court show and one of the first things you do is go and look up those people on Facebook. Though this can be pretty funny at first, if this is a continuous thing for you, you’re definitely a bit too attached to the social network.

You can find anyone

No matter who it is or what the name is, it’s 100% guaranteed that you’ll be able to find a specific person on Facebook. In fact, you’re unwilling to move away from the computer until you find this person’s profile. You have some serious Facebook investigating skills, and you know how to put them to use.

Your friends come to you when they need help

Since you know you can find anyone, you’ve often bragged about it and in return your friends tend to come to you when they need to find someone on Facebook. From ex-boyfriends to new flames and random people your friends met at parties, you’re the go-to person whenever someone in your circle is desperate to find someone’s Facebook profile.

You’re proud of your skills

When you’re able to find a random person you were looking for or when you’re able to do so for a friend, you 100% enjoy it and you get a warm fuzzy feeling inside that shows you’re proud of your investigative skills. Stalkers tend to be pretty happy with the skills they’ve been able to develop.

You know a lot about people you don’t really know

You’re a Facebook stalker when you spend hours upon hours going through your friend’s friend list and looking at profiles and pictures of people who you don’t even know. In fact you’ve read their posts, looked at their statuses, and in the end you probably know more about this person than you ever wanted to know, but you really don’t know them at all. If you’ve got a lot of e-friends that don’t really know you, that’s a huge sign of some stalking tendencies.

You’ve come across a celebrity or two

You know you’re really good at Facebook stalking when you’ve been able to find profiles of legitimate celebrities. Facebook is full of fake celebrity profiles and fan pages, so if you’ve been able to weed through all of those to find a real one, you’ve not only got a lot of time on your hands, but skill, and you’re probably a Facebook stalker.

You don’t participate much

You log onto Facebook everyday. In fact, the page is your home page on your computer and you have the app running on your phone constantly. And while you look at profiles, statuses, and pictures, you rarely ever comment on them. You just like to lurk, and lurking is what stalkers do.

You go through every single picture

Going through recent pictures is one thing, but it’s a whole other ball game if you find yourself going to a profile and looking through every single picture in ever single album. You’ve seen friends in pictures before you even knew them and you try to spot out old friends from old posts and photos.

You comment on old pictures

If you comment on pictures that are more than a few months old, you’re definitely spending too much time being a Facebook stalker. Who has the time or wants to put in the effort to comment on photos that were taken forever ago? It’s one thing to look, but it’s even worse to comment on old photos that no one, except you, even look at.

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