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Earlier this month I wrote about the bizarre reality show competition moments from the “Of Love” era.  Since then, I’ve been back in my reality show dating nostalgia and decided to bring a list of some of the craziest eliminations from shows like “Flavor of Love,” “I Love New York,” “Real Chance of Love,” “For the Love of Ray J,” “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila,” and the “I Love Money” shows.  Come back with me as we watch the fights, spit, and insults that accompanied many of the losers while walking out the door.  But honestly, were there any real winners on these shows?

A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila:  Girl Fight!

At the height of Tila Tequila’s fame(?), MTV granted her a dating show.  It allowed the openly bisexual… singer?  rapper?… To put women and men under one roof and bide for her attention.  However, things got hairy when Vanessa and Brandy were up against each other in this NSFW clip.

Flavor of Love 3:  Flav doesn’t like his love connections

After the success of the second season of “I Love New York,” where viewers got to vote for who they wanted to see New York date, Flavor Flav executed the same plan on his third season.  However, he questioned his viewer’s loyalty and taste when he eliminated four out of the five love connections, and promptly asked:  “Internet users, what the [expletive] were y’all thinking about?!”

For the Love of Ray J:  Danger’s Departure

Now, I like Monica, also known as Danger, but her exit from the show was shrouded in mystery.  Once Ray announced that for the show’s finale he was going to meet all the girls’ families, Danger immediately requested to be taken to the hospital.  Once she got back, Ray approached her and she gladly packed her things and hit the ol’ dusty trail.

Flavor of Love 2:  What Constitutes an Adult Video?

A rumor about the openly promiscuous Nibblz, that was started by her “friend” Toasteee, caused Nibblz to reveal one of Toasteee’s secrets.  Though Toasteee claimed that it wasn’t true, a quick internet search lead to Toasteee’s elimination.

I Love New York:  Pootie’s and T-Weed’s Financial Breakdowns…

Two clips for the click of one.

When New York wanted to see what the men could bring to their potential union, financially, Pootie and T-Weed wound up putting themselves in hot water.  Pootie decided to go into full detail about about his debt situation, while T-Weed over-estimated his net worth.  Pootie voluntarily left, and T-Weed voluntarily adhered to a credit check that then resulted in New York asking him to leave as well.

Flavor of Love Girls Charm School:  Who Stole the Picture?

This elimination was bogus beyond measure.  In an attempt to get Schatar/Hottie eliminated from the show, Larissa and Shay (Bootz and Buckey) hid a picture of Leilene’s mom in Schatar’s possessions.  This lead to the elimination of both Schatar and Darra.

Flavor of Love 3:  “Dial M for Mystery Pimp”

After a warning is sent from a previously eliminated girl, Myammeee, government name: Angela, began receiving phone calls about her being a gold digger, and how she used to have a pimp.  Though the person only referred to her by her Flav-given nickname, and didn’t recognize her voice on the phone, his calls were enough to get the future “I Love Money 2” winner the boot.

Real Chance of Love Finale:  Chance Choses No one

After an exhausting season of watching the Givens brothers put the girls through ridiculous challenges, and switching one girl from brother to brother, then insulting her after they eliminated her, at the end of the season we were expecting for both men to chose someone.  Real did, but Chance didn’t, and left both of his last suitors to look awkwardly at each other.

Flavor of Love:  Liar, Liar

Who likes liars?  Obviously not Flav.  He invited Brigette Nielson to come and give his first season ladies a lie detector test, and almost all of them failed with flying colors.  But Hottie’s denial of her gold-digging ways (including a previous of clip of her gold-digging on “Blind Date” lead her to get a tongue lashing from the famous hype man.

Flavor of Love Girls Charm School:  “The Slore of Charm School.”

Grown women at a well stocked “prom” and available men just spelled trouble.  After Brooke/Pumkin got down a little too low for Mo’Nique, she snapped on Leilene/Smiley and called her everything but a child of God.  But, she got her comeuppance when Mo’ sent her on her way, while she cursed, and flashed her way to wait on another reality show to come.

I Love Money 2:  Karma for Buddha

During the first half of the second season of “I Love Money” Buddha’s strong presence rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.  After originally being targeted because he was a threat, his bullying put him up as a prime target for elimination.  So when the show required for teams to be re-designed, Buddha was then left in the dust.

Flavor of Love 3:  “Halitosis Ohmyosis”

After a whole season of bullying, apparently karma came for Shy as well.  On the previous two episodes, her “hot breath” was put on blast, and after being told that she needed thousands of dollars worth of dental work, Flav gave her the boot.  She then went to denounce reality television for ruining her acting career.

Rock of Love 2:  Aubrey Sacrifices Herself

I guess it’s a nice trade off that when you fail to make a connection with the person whose show it is, that you make a friendship with one of your competitors.  This was the case with Aubrey and Kristy Joe.  The two became friends, and while Bret was conducting eliminations, Aubrey decided to sacrifice herself so Kristy Joe could take her spot.  Sad thing was, Bret was planning on sending Aubrey home anyway…

I Love New York:  Tango Eliminates Himself

Some people seem oblivious to the fact that things they say on reality television will be seen.  This was the case for Tango.  After proposing to Tiffany “New York” Pollard, he saw the comments that she made about his mother.  At the reunion he took his opportunity to avenge his mother and drop Ms. New York like a hot coal, and with the flip of his hoodie, he was gone.

Flavor of Love 1:  The Spit heard ‘Round the World

Too many times, for people with poor constraint, angry words turn into angry actions, but no one could have predicted the spit that came flying out of Pumkin’s mouth that hit New York.  Though this happened years ago, that loogie is something, when mentioned, that immediately conjures up the visual.  Never has a reality show bodily function caused so much discussion and disgust.  So, once again, for your viewing pleasure, the spit heard ’round the world.

If I forgot your favorite elimination moment, let’s talk about it in the comment section!

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