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If there was ever a reason to get your own money together and right, it might be the numerous stories we keep hearing about long-term live-in girlfriends being left high and dry when their man decides to move on.

In today’s installment, we have the story of Passaic, New Jersey lottery winner Pedro Quezada, 44, whom we actually told you about a while ago because he was being stingy with past due child support after winning. He won $152 million after taxes when he struck gold playing the lottery. His long-term girlfriend, Ines Sanchez, was by his side through all of this. Actually she was by his side through much more than that, as the couple shared ownership of a grocery store in Passaic and they also shared a child and a home they lived in together for 10 years. Despite all that, Sanchez had to move out of their shared home recently and has a domestic abuse claim against him that’s pending. And and even though he has garnered massive wealth, Quezada isn’t trying to share it with his long-time love.

I know what some of you are thinking: Why should he? Well, according to her lawyers (via the New York Daily News), the ticket was bought with the couple’s shared earnings. That’s why they’re asking for a judge to freeze Quezada’s assets until a fair share of it can be allotted to her (the Daily Mail says she wants half), if it’s decided that she’s owed some of his winnings. Of course, Quezada’s lawyers call it absolute crap. The couple were never married so what he has is NOT hers. But George Cruz, who works in the grocery store that Quezada used to manage (and says the lotto winner hasn’t returned to it since), says that she gave him the money to sustain the place, so he owes her better than this.

“She helped him with $15,000 to put into that grocery store. She paid for the stuff.

With that kind of money you still got to take care of the wife and kid. G*ddamn, look out for her. Don’t be a hardball. With that kind of money you have to buy her a house.’

He promised a lot of s— to everybody around here and never came through.”

That includes paying the rent for a month for everyone who lives on the block Quezada used to reside on. He did no such thing, and not only that, he up and left his apartment without paying his own last month of rent, according to his former landlord, Kujtim Sulejmani:

“I would just want him to give the money to his common law wife and kids. The $800 doesn’t matter to me. I hope he gives it to his wife because she really deserves it.”

But let’s hope he still has it when all is said and done. According to Sanchez’s lawyers, Quezada has already spent a great deal of his winnings on the following: $57 million was sent to Quezada’s native home of the Dominican Republic, $5 million was “given away,” he used $300,000 to buy his own place (which she also stayed in before they broke up), and there’s $20 million that “can’t be located.”

The judge of the case decided not to throw out the Sanchez’s case, despite the fact that the couple wasn’t married and common law marriages aren’t recognized like that in New Jersey, but the court will not freeze Quezada’s assets in the meantime as they see if Sanchez is entitled to any of the lottery winnings. Do you think she should get some of it?

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