Why Wait Until January? 15 Resolutions You Can Start Right Now

December 4, 2013  |  
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Why wait until January to start your New Year’s resolutions? There are 15 things you can do right now to improve and prepare yourself for the coming year.

Write it down

It’s proven that writing out a vision or goals and positing them somewhere you can revisit them daily is a key factor in success. Try sticky notes on the mirror, a white board on the fridge, or a small journal by your bed.

Practice meditation

Regardless of your religion, meditation is a time for your to spend listening to God, the universe, or just your inner voice. Oprah and Deepak have started meditation challenges and it’s a great way for your to get started. Meditation will give you the focus and peace you need to enter into the new year ready and peaceful.

Join the Gym Now

If fitness is on your agenda for 2014, join the gym now. Establish your routine now before all the new year’s crowd takes over the machines. If you begin your routine now you’ll already be in the full swing of things by the time the New Year rolls around. And who knows, you could fit in a sexier NYE dress too!

Delete Numbers or block

We all know the holiday season is a time for your past to resurface with a “hey stranger, merry Christmas” text. If you already know you don’t want to entertain certain people, delete and block the numbers now before they call. Save yourself one eye roll later on.

Put down the baggage

How long are you going to carry that unforgiveness? That hurt? Or anger? Put it down. Now. don’t wait until midnight on Dec. 31st. Enter some therapy or read a self-help book or go lay down at the front of your church. Whatever you need to do to make sure you put those heavy emotional bags down sooner rather than later.

Get your Money in Order

Do you have a savings goal for 2014? You can open a new savings account now and make your first deposit in January! Avoid the holiday rush and get your financial accounts in order prior to the New Year. Make some investments too! Get a financial planner so that you are all prepared to start fresh.

Start Holiday Shopping

Why are you at the mall every year on Christmas Eve fighting? Start. Shopping. Now. True there are great deals for the last minute shopper but that’s so stressful. You have weeks to get this done. Don’t procrastinate.

Buy a plane ticket

Why wait until 2014 to start thinking about your vacations? Buy a plane ticket now! If you buy the ticket, you can figure out the rest later. Don’t let time, people and life get the best of you later on and you end up cancelling your vacation again because you waited too late to book the flight. Buy the ticket (a refundable one if possible) and give yourself something to look forward to next year.


You don’t have to wait until next year to give back. Holidays are perfect for volunteering. Perhaps you’ll even find something to do throughout the year not just on holiday time.

Visit the doctor

People get so busy during the holiday season that they forget to take care of themselves. Go to the doctor. Especially if you have a day or two of vacation time. Make those appointments you’ve pushed off all year and go into 2014 healthy!


If you roll your eyes every time this person or that person updates their social media, unfriend and unfollow. There’s no need to start fresh in January. You can drop that dead weight right now in November.

Winter Cleaning

Each season you should deep clean (or hire someone) your house. Toss out those old jackets you no longer wear and give them to someone who needs it. Those boots you hate can go too. Old blankets that are just collecting dust are also needed during this time. Deep clean the nooks and crannies of your house and toss out or donate anything you don’t need. No need to wait until Spring.

Challenge Yourself

Do 100 squats a day. Apply to 10 jobs a week. Only eat out twice a week. Whatever is on your to do list for January you can do now! Take one of your New Year’s resolutions and start on it today. Chances are if you are successful, you’ll have the motivation you need to keep going in the New Year.

Finish Something

You probably have 10 unfinished projects in the house. Perhaps it’s that closet you keep meaning to organize or some long forgotten pinterest arts and craft. Don’t wait! Leave no loose ends in 2013, even those pesky home repairs. Finish all the things you started and truly begin the year brand new.

Love Yourself

Too often we spend the holiday season and ending the year thinking of time wasted or what went wrong. This year, love yourself. Love all that you did right (no matter how much or little it was) and resolve that you did your best no matter how it all turned out. Love yourself deeply so that you can step into a new year with joy and not regrets.

Dee Rene is the creator of Laugh.Cry.Cuss, http://laughcrycuss.com @laughcrycuss

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