At Least You Don’t Like Girls: Cynthia Bailey Talks Allowing Her 14 Year Old Daughter To Date

November 11, 2013  |  

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline, Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Cynthia Bailey, told all of her little daughter’s business.

She spoke with Radar about allowing her 14 year old daughter, Noelle, to date. She says:

“Noelle just started high school and she likes boys and boys like her, which is totally normal and expected.” 

And while some parents might freak out about their children starting to date for the first time, Cynthia is relieved that her daughter is interested in boys and not girls.

“It’s interesting because she has girlfriends who like girls, so I’m like ‘Alrighty then.’ There’s nothing wrong with that, but on the flip side, I’m like, ‘Are you ready to like boys?’ 

And then she went further:

“Okay, at least it is boys that you like. At least I’m not having to deal with the fact that you like girls.” 

While Cynthia’s comments are borderline suspect, and a bit side-eye worthy, it sounds a little bit like she assumed that since her daughter was hanging with gay, teenage girls that she would be a lesbian too. I mean peer pressure is real but it’s hard to pretend to like people you really don’t  just to fit in… though I’m sure it’s been done.

And while it’s odd that she would share this, I think I understand where she’s coming from in that her daughter being gay would mean it would be something she would have to “deal with.” Parents of gay children do endure additional challenges than if their child is hetereosexual. There’s the fear that your child will be bullied, ostracized and in some cases violently attacked for being homosexual. So in many ways, especially in Atlanta, the south, it’s a relief that her daughter is indeed interested in boys and most likely won’t have to endure all of that. I get that even if Cynthia didn’t necessarily express it in the best way or in the best forum.

She went on to discuss why she’s comfortable letting her 14 year old date and the open and honest relationship they share.

“It’s a lot raising a teenager in this day in time. When I started to be curious when I entered high school, my mom was not the kind of mom [who was] like, ‘Honey, just tell me everything. Let’s be best friends.’ I never had any of that.” 

Cynthia said because she couldn’t be honest and forthcoming with her mom she just ended up sneaking around behind her back and doing exactly what her mom told her not to. She doesn’t want Noelle to have that same kind of experience.

“My schedule is way too busy for me not be connected to her. She’s my only child. I can know what’s going on and I can make her feel comfortable and safe and keep our communication open.” 

This open communication, Cynthia says, has made Noelle comfortable in talking about her budding “love” interests.

“My teenager is like, ‘My friend Arthur who is a boy, we want to go to the movies. Can you take us? So Peter and I actually kind of have fun doing our date night double dating with Noelle and her friend that’s a boy. I’m not into her going to somebody else’s house and sneaking around. When you put [them] in an environment where they fell like they can come and talk to you, it’s takes all the sensationalism out of even having a boyfriend.” 

And since the thrill of having a boyfriend has been removed, Cynthia says her daughter is able to prioritize what is really important right now.

“Now I’m asking, ‘Where’s Arthur? Is he coming over this week? What’s going on?’ She’s like ‘Mom, not this week. I just need some time. I’ve got to focus on school.’ It’s almost like reverse psychology.” 

I’m all for the open communication.

What do you think about Cynthia’s parenting style and her comments about her relief about her daughter not being gay? Is 14 years old too young to be dating? Discuss.

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