Harrison’s Past, The Feminist Read, & Mama Pope: Moments From Last Night’s Scandal

November 8, 2013  |  
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In last night’s episode of “Scandal” we saw sides of certain characters we just knew we had pegged. Harrison is shaken up as a man from his past threatens to come back into his life, Daddy Pope softens and even talks about something other than the weather with Olivia and Fitz is all about government secrets. A lot went down last night so let’s discuss the most memorable moments.

Mama Pope

Last night was the first time we got to see Olivia’s mother on screen. And as we mentioned it was Khandi Alexander. We see her very shortly before she dies in the plane crash. As she’s walking out she tells Olivia she loves her and Olivia responds, “I know.” Which comes into play later when she asks her dad what were his last words to her mother. He said, he told her he loved her too.

Mellie thinks Liv’s coming back

After Mellie put herself out on a limb to get Liv to come back to the White House, groveling and all, she was sure that Olivia was going to accept her offer to work for Fitz’s campaign. She even tells Fitz, “You’re welcome.” Little does everyone know, Olivia is there to inquire about Operation Remington and the death of her mother. When Fitz realizes what’s up he gets really petty throwing Defiance in Olivia’s face and referring to Jake as her boyfriend (when he knows he has a wife.) He ends the conversation saying he can’t tell her anything because it’s a matter of national security: “But if you want to talk about Operation Remington, you’re not talking to me. You’re talking to the commander of the armed forces, the leader of the free world.” And to that Olivia lets him know she can’t work for him. After she leaves, Mellie storms in with the best line of the night. “I did everything but roll your Slore up in a rug and unfurl her at your feet.”

Harrison’s Past

Last night we dug a little deeper into Harrison’s backstory. And for the first time in…forever, we saw him shook. Cyrus makes a phone call trying to tell Harrison to persuade Olivia to work for Fitz’s reelection campaign. When he tells him it’s unlikely he threatens him by saying someone who’s a threat to Harrison is applying for a Visa to reenter the country. After Harrison does some research of his own, he realizes this is true and asks Huck if he can delete this man’s Visa application because if he comes back into the US, he’ll kill Harrison. I’m just happy that we’re learning more and more about Harrison. Very glad about it!

Do we believe Daddy Pope? 

Right now, the assumption is that Daddy Pope ordered the death of Olivia’s mom, Maya Lewis, through Operation Remington. And yet… when he sees the news roll across the tv screen, he’s crying, when no one is in the room to gauge his reaction. He tries to compose himself as he delivers the news to 12 year old Olivia. And then when Olivia drunk dials him, shaken about the details of her mother’s death. She says:

I have so many questions I want to ask you but I’m afraid you’ll kill my friends if I do, so, you know let’s just talk about the weather or how I can’t form attachments to people because my mother is dead and my father is that thing that goes bump in the night…or you pick a topic.” 

For the first time we see Rowan soften. He allows his daughter to ask him one question about the mission. She asks if he ordered the plane to be shot down. And he says no. And then she tries to ask if Fitz was the person who shot the plane down. He refuses to go into it, saying she should let the past be the past. I could be naive but I’m inclined to believe him, for a couple of reasons. 1. This is the first time he’s allowed Olivia to ask him anything about his work.  2. He told Cyrus Olivia only thinks she knows the details behind Remington. All of this is making me honestly wonder if homegirl is still alive.

Pervy Husband

Sally’s husband is a hot mess. The fact that he was ogling Mellie while he was saying grace is just too much!  And unlike Mellie, Sally doesn’t seem to be “ok” with the fact that her husband is so reckless. At least Fitz can hide his adulterous ways, Sally’s husband has no couth. It’s clearly an area of her life where she has absolutely no control or influence. I’m sure his indiscretions are going to bite her in the butt as she seeks to take the White House.

Jake Almost Gets Got

Apparently, Jake’s love for Olivia has him making some pretty rash and reckless decisions. He steps out to get more details about Operation Remington and almost ends up dead. Luckily, someone steps in and kills the woman who appeared to be out to get him. Either he’s in way over his head or he’s slippin’.

Congresswoman Marcus goes off

Even though she popped off on Olivia and Abby, Josie Marcus, claims that she’s not going to “be mean” in her campaign. But apparently, there was only so much she could take. When she sees an ad her opponent Reston plans on running, with her trembling hand at the Oval Office door, she goes off in what will surely go down as one of the most beautifully and truthfully crafted feminist reads in the history of television. In case you missed the gems that trickled out of her mouth, her are a few of them.

“When Reston says I don’t have the balls to be President, he means that literally.”

And if you thought she was done, she also teaches James a few things about himself too.

“And it’s not just Gov. Reston speaking in code about gender.”

She mentions that James thanked her for inviting him into her lovely home, when he asked to do the interview there. She points to the pitcher of iced tea his producers planted and in the intro he refers to her as a “real life Cinderella story.” James tries to defend himself and she shuts him down before saying:

 “You’re promoting stereotypes. You’re promoting this idea that women are weaker than men… I served seven years in the military which is seven more years than Governor Reston, a fact you conveniently omitted from my intro.” 

The only thing to say after all of that is BOW!

Later Abby reveals to Marcus’ daughter that the commercial was all a setup. Clearly, it worked.

Quinn is sloppy

I sincerely hope that when Olivia figures out what the hell happened to her mom she snatches Quinn up! This child is such a novice and she’s going about this whole assassin thing in the wrong way. Doesn’t she know that the members of B613 don’t seek out the position, they are recruited?! If she doesn’t calm down, she’s going to end up in a mess she won’t have the knowledge or experience to get out of.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

In what was probably one of the best acted scenes of the night, Olivia finally tells Fitz why she was so concerned about Operation Remington. She tells him that her mother was killed in that crash and though his poker face breaks and he looks truly heartbroken, he still doesn’t divulge any further information. And Olivia promptly shows him to the door. 

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