9 Signs Your New Boo Is Just Cuffing You

November 6, 2013  |  
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We’re well into what’s known as “Cuffing Season.” It’s the time of the year, just after summer has ended, when men and women are looking to cuddle up with their new boo…in the house. Typically your cuffing season boo is not necessarily a real, legit relationship. It’s for a season. The fall to winter– not to impede on Valentine’s Day. If you’re not sure if you’re a cuffing season relationship, here are some signs.

He contacted you via Facebook

How did your relationship start? Chances are if he reached out via Facebook, saying he’s had a crush on you since middle school and just wanted to see how you’re doing, you were one of the many women he reached out to trying to see which fish would bite. If you did, there’s no shame in that. If you liked it, go for it. Just be sure you know where you stand, what type of relationship this really is.

You started seeing each other right as the summer was ending

Think about the time you first met him. Were the signs of fall on the horizon? Were the days getting shorter? Were the kiddies starting to return to school? If you refer to the cuffing season calendar, do you realize that your man approached you right around the Labor Day mark? This might not be so much of coincidence. He knew his summer fling(s) were coming to an end and he had to lock you down before those temperatures dropped.

He hasn’t shared any of his Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas plans

It’s not just the big holidays that you won’t be a part of. If his friend’s girlfriend’s cousin is hosting her annual Halloween party, don’t expect an invite. You’re the temporary boo, that doesn’t necessarily entitle you to the major or minor events. You’re not there yet.

All of your dates take place at either his place or yours

If he was honest, hopefully he laid out the perimeters of your relationships beforehand. If not, knowing the rules and regulations of cuffing season, will inform you that your job is to be the warm body to shield him from the cold. So it stands to reason that you two won’t be venturing out too often… or ever. Hope you like films, there will be a lot of “movie nights.”

You have no presence on his social media sites

He’s connected to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some form of social media at least 12 hours of the day. There are plenty of selfies, pictures of the gym shoes he wore that day and even the scenery that caught his eye. But if you’re nowhere to be found…it might be a sign this relationship is not going to be long term.

The soundtrack of your relationship includes several Drake hits

He called you and entered your life on some “Marvin’s Room” type stuff. When you’re leaving the party, “Hold On We’re Going Home” is running on a loop in your head. Drake is the patron saint of the drama that comes with affairs of the heart. So it should come as no surprise that when you think of your current boo-ship several of his tunes pop into your head.

There is nothing past the month of January

If you’re the type of girl who likes to think about her Valentine starting in late Novemeber, you may want to run…like now. Rule number 5 of all cuffing season relationships is that they end before Valentine’s Day. This is not serious. There will be no gifts and certainly no commitment type activities like Valentine’s Day dinners and activities in public.

As far as you know he doesn’t have family or friends

You know why you didn’t get to attend that Halloween party or couldn’t go to his mom’s house for Halloween? It’s because the cuffing season boo is not supposed to meet or know any family or friends. It just makes it complicated for all parties involved. If he introduces you in October, he’ll have to explain why you’ve disappeared by March.

You’re just insert your name here

If the two of you just so happen to run into someone he knows…like his nosey neighbor as you’re walking into his apartment, how does he introduce you? Are you his friend, his boo, his special lady or does he keep it simple and just drop your name? If you’re just a name and don’t have a title, you know what it is.

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