Can Kevin Terry Be Forgiven? Should He Be Forgiven?

November 5, 2013  |  

Just when you thought you had risen above the all-around skeevy tawdriness of the “leaked” celebrity sex scandals, comes a tale just so freaky, you can’t help but say,”Well, maybe I’ll watch just a little bit of it…”

The honor of bringing me back into the frays of fuckery has been bestowed upon no other than Kevin Terry of …well, I had no idea, who he was until three days ago. But I hear he is a gospel singer. Anyway, this gospel singer can be seen, very clearly, on video giving one serious mic check to an anonymous guy with a two-toned peen. For the sake of this post, let’s just call the anonymous guy Two-Peens because it looked like he had two peens.

Anyway according to various published reports, the gospel recording artist of songs most of us have likely never heard of, has yet to confirm or deny that it was him on camera phone – although at that position and angle, which gave me visuals so clear, I could see straight up his nose and into his thought, why even bother. Am I right? However his good “friend” Lil’ Mo took to Twitter and basically just spilled the beans with her team #NoHands hashtag. Although Terry has pretty much been mums (unlike how he was on that video) about the scandal, he did post a message for his fans (of his gospel music, not his other performance) via his Facebook page, which reads:

 “There’s nothing wrong with making a mistake, what’s wrong is not taking the effort to make it right. Soooo get up and Make it RIGHT!!!!!!”

Yeah, I have no qualms about Terry moving forward and on from this scandal. What I find weird, however, is classifying his actions as a “mistake.” As if he was reaching for a lollipop and, oops, a private part fell in his mouth. Or he honestly thought the digital camera didn’t have film in it (wait for it…). Those are mistakes. But Terry was neither camera shy nor did he accidentally fall and bust his mouth wide open. Not to get too graphic but that dude was down on that thing like it was the first day of Spring and Rita’s Water Ice was handing out free samples. He licked that like it was the key to unlocking the Da Vinci code. My precious, precious ring, Terry went straight Sméagol-silly on that peen. I swear I’m not trying to be vulgar but I just need to stress just how non-amateur hour at the Apollo the bobbing and weaving was on that videotape. So, calling this a “mistake” is out of the question as that was very much an intentional sexual act.

And guess what? There is nothing wrong with that – despite what folks say about what the Bible says. The Bible says lots of things that either they don’t listen to or would never follow because culturally we have outgrown certain archaism like slavery; the subjugation of women and denouncing from the delicious goodness of crab legs and shrimp cocktail. More and more, we are discovering research, which speaks to the fluidity of our sexuality including men. Terry might very well be a gay man. Or he might very well be bi-sexual. Or maybe he generally attracted to women but had an undeniable crush on Mr. Two-Peens that needed to get serviced? Point is that there is nothing really to “right,” or even forgive – other than who he decides to give director and costar credits to the next time he decides to ask Mr. Demille for his closeup. And to not be held accountable to that truth of the fluidity of sexuality, from his personal experience, is equally dishonest and much more immoral than what we seen on the tape.

But could you really blame Terry for his reluctancy in testifying to being a d*ckhead. Out of all the character assessments one must hold themselves accountable for publicly, the consenting adult in your bed should be the least of which you have to answer for. And yet we still hold the bedroom politics in high regard, particularly when those politics involve men in homosexual acts. The narrow definition of manhood is protected at all cost, even when its tenants are so restrictive that it hurts and binds those, who it seeks to privilege. And secondly, outside of Tonex you’ll be hard press to find an openly gay gospel artist – first with a record deal and secondly, actually becoming successful at it. Even as the common meme around church circles about the presence of gay men in the church, particularly the choir, The Church does not make it easy for our LGBTQA brothers, sisters and those living in between genders. Even Donnie McClurkin had to renounce his love for the peen, and start hustling some fire and brimstone, just so he could make some money singing what has to be the most laziest and lyrically unsophisticated gospel song ever recorded. Therefore, for the sake of his career, I can see how it was and continues to be opportune to quietly stay in the closet and hope no dirty socks, along with dirty sex tapes, falls out.

The good news for Terry’s rising career in the gospel world, the whole idea of walking in the light of truth is something that many so-called Saints aren’t really interested in. Therefore a quick testimony in the pulpit, which he decrees “nobody’s perfect,” and “only God could judge,” and “I’m a work in progress,” and presto change-o, all is “forgiven” and he is reborn once again to a successful life back in the closet. Personally, however, I think the gay men should abandon the church until it is willing to concede to the respect that these individuals are entitled. After all, without the presence of gay men, who will sing their songs and lay hands on the foreheads of the babies and elderly?

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