Robin Thicke Says Dad Had A Parade Of Women: ‘He Had Ms. Alabama, Ms. Dominican Republic—Every Week’

November 5, 2013  |  

Robin Thicke is no stranger to Hollywood. Having been raised by his big time actor father, Alan Thicke, Robin was exposed to the “fast life” at a pretty early age. During a recent interview with Elle Magazine, while discussing what it was like being raised by his then-single father, Robin revealed that he frequently witnessed his father parading different women in and out of the house.

“My dad was single my whole pubescent period. [Laughs] He had Ms. Alabama, Ms. Dominican Republic—every week. I was like, Dang, Pops. He had an indoor Jacuzzi, and he frequented it,” Robin said.

He went on to say that the first nude women he ever laid eyes on happened to be one of his father’s companions.

“The first time I saw a nude woman was when I went to take a shower one morning before school. I was like, Who is this girl in my shower?”

Of course his dad’s busy acting career caused him to be away from home often, which is when Robin admits he and his friends cut loose.

“I had lots of weekends alone in a huge house with a tennis court, so I’d invite my buddies over. It’d be video games, basketball, chicks, and swimming. I was like a college kid when I was 14.”

Robin also says that his father—who has quite the reputation as a ladies’ man—was always quick to offer lessons about how he should handle his affairs with the opposite sex.

“He was always very intuitive. And very smooth. He didn’t really tell me what to do. He told me what not to do, which is actually more important,” the “Blurred Lines” singer reminisced.

“We were on vacation and some pretty girl walked by. I started ogling her like a 12-year-old boy, and he said, “I know she’s pretty, but you stared at her and followed her across the room. What if there’s a prettier girl sitting two tables away? Now she’s not going to feel special. She’ll say, ‘You look at all the girls like that.’ You’ve gotta play it cool so you don’t look like you’re desperate,” he continued.

With that sort of upbringing, many would’ve predicted that Robin would’ve grown up to be the ultimate bachelor, but he’s actually been with now-wife, Paula Patton, since he was 14 years old. When asked if he believes his parents’ divorce contributed to his decision to settle down early, Robin replied:

“I’m sure when your parents get divorced when you’re seven, maybe as a kid I thought, I’m going to take care of my wife. I’ll be a great husband. But the real reason is because of the person that I met. We’re pretty sure we’ve loved each other for a few lives.”


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