Don’t Let the Internet Spoil Your TV! New Chrome App Unspoiler Blocks Pesky Online Spoilers

November 5, 2013  |  

Before your friend runs her mouth about the new Scandal episode you missed, you can pinch her lips shut and shout, “Wait! I didn’t see it yet!” But what happens when you’re on the net? The odds of your eyes befalling onto a site that will spoil your favorite show is dangerously high! Luckily, a new Chrome app can fix that.

It’s called Unspoiler — a free application for Chrome, a web browser, that blocks any reveals from your favorite TV programs. “Once you’ve downloaded Unspoiler, click the ‘UN’ button in your toolbar and type in the words you don’t want to see–anything from ‘Olivia Pope’ to ‘Game of Thrones’ to ‘New York Knicks,'” a press release states.

Before you proceed to viewing any website, Unspoiler will check for keywords that suggest a plot reveal. The app will then slap a red banner across the page saying “Warning! This may be a spoiler for [insert favorite show].” After that, once you’ve finally get around to watching Scandal or whatever guilty pleasures you love to watch, you can go back and read the banned text. After all, I’m sure you’d love to know what MadameNoire thought of the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. But not before you get to check it out for yourself.

The free Chrome app is great for Facebook and Twitter, which are breeding grounds for spoilers. Once a popular show is on, everyone flocks to social media to post and tweet their reactions and launch a nation-wide conversation. A conversation many wish they haven’t overheard — what good is watching the episode now if you already know that Olivia Pope will [insert spoiler]? (Is it Thursday yet?!)

But Unspoiler isn’t perfect — for sites like Tumblr, which mostly lists images and moving gifs, you may find that the app won’t be much help there. However, looking at the big picture, “it seems to do a pretty decent job of keeping the biggest reveals out of reach,” GeekOSystem explains.

Will you get it?

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