“She Comes For Everybody”: K. Michelle On Tamar, Having A #1 Album, And Splitting From Her Ex Lance

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K. Michelle sat down for a very interesting interview with Kevin and Makael of the Skorpion Show to talk about her music success, her struggles in the love department (who doesn’t have them?) and the real behind her issues with Tamar Braxton. We’ve got the low-down for you:

How It Felt To Have Her Album Go Number 1 On The R&B Charts:

“It felt great. I waited so long to put an album out. And you know I fought so hard for it. I went from city to city, kissing babies, touching hands, everybody, and it was straight hard real numbers. And it was people out there who bought my album and it was amazing…It made me feel amazing. I call myself the People’s Champ because so many people try to come for me all the time and they try to talk about me. But nothing is better than being successful. That’s the best revenge you can have for anybody. And to outsell, you know, artists, you know I look up to, it’s nothing short of a miracle. I’m just excited about it. Sorry, girls, but it’s my time now [laughs].”

Why She Couldn’t Stick Around With Ex-Boo Lance:

“He’s cool, he’s a sweetheart. It’s good, it’s whatever. When you mentally have other issues going on, I’m talking about me, it’s very hard to get into a new relationship. I just feel like there was a big age gap in that situation and um….I’m just a handful. I know I’m a lot. And to ask a 23-year-old to understand this job too, and being 23, trying to date somebody you never dated, an artist or things like that. Then you’re in the NBA and you want to sling d*ck and be 23 and I’m not having it, I jump gates. It’s just a lot going on. I’m not with all that. So, he needs to go be 23 and sling pen*s cause I can’t….”

What She Wants In A Man:

“I would say tatted up, look like he got out of jail, but got a job. Oh, like just got out, you know, fresh out of jail. Tattoos, all of that, just se*y but a real job. Everybody is on this mission. I’m a science project, everybody’s determined to get the prize. I’m just praying that God delivers him, like UPS, soon!”

And Of Course, Tamar:

“Well, all I want to say about the situation is, people are gonna always look at K like a bully. I always win arguments. Just because I win them doesn’t mean I start them. I win them, okay? The thing with this situation is, I have never come for this lady first, ever. Never have come for her first. But every time she has commented, I have come back. But I’m the bully? I think this recent time people have started to see: ‘K isn’t saying anything to you.’ For you to be half of a 100, there’s no reason that you still should be coming for me. I’m a newbie. You’ve had five records deals. This is your second album. Your first album debuted at 127. There’s no reason that you should be coming for me. I’m sitting back, I’m minding my business. Everybody know…that my mouth is slick. But I’m gonna cut it to you and tell you like it is.  I have done nothing to this woman. I even bought her album, I’ve been very supportive. Tamar is very quick to go and throw shade at people then run and hide her hands. Excuses for everything. She can go and pick on Nicki. She had the nerve to say that Beyoncé wasn’t pregnant. You never come for the queen. You don’t come for Beyoncé like that. But she did. She comes for everybody, but then when you attack her or defend yourself, you’re a bully. That’s not how it goes in America. I don’t need Vince. I’m not scared of nobody. I’mma say what the f**k I feel. And if you come for me–you’re one big joke, its easy for me to tell you about yourself. Did I like her album? It was cute. Some songs. I have songs I listen to when I wake up. I like the “Pieces” record, I think that’s a great record. I’m not a hater when it comes to music. But you won’t get on there and throw shade at me because you think you’re high and mighty. Then when I defend myself, I’m the big bad wolf. Until you get your vocal chords in order, don’t come for me. We have NEVER met, that’s whats so crazy! No one will come for me. The only person that will come for me, is Jesus to take me home to glory. No one will come for me and think I’m not gonna say anything. As long as you stop, I stop. I told everybody to support you and buy your album because it’s R&B. Who continued it? Who continued this fight? Shut up and sing!”

Well, there you have it. Watch K’s full interview on the next page and let us know what you think of her comments.

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