Cubicle Confessions: I Cussed Out My Coworker

October 22, 2013  |  

Cubicle Confessions is a new MN Business column bringing you real-life office horror stories from MadameNoire readers. This week’s topic is cussing out a coworker. Have you ever had to set someone straight in the office? Here’s what some of our readers said:

Alisha: Yes unfortunately I had to show my color at an old job of mine….she thought she could talk to me any kind of way because of her superiority over me and I wasn’t havin it so I let her have it but I didn’t use curse words towards her…..I just politely let her know she could kiss my A$$ AND IN THAT ORDER!

Ladiee: Yup… She came out her mouth about my husband & I got so mad, I pushed her into the wall. I had to pay for the damage & was put on 30 day verbal probation. By the way, she ended up getting fired & I still work there.

Nikki: Yes….I had to chin check a few females when I first started work in Florida. Yes I went the hell off! I haven’t had a problem with nobody else…

Mo: Yes & I did not feel good doing it …(hurt the persons feelings) I was more embarrassed that I got to that point & hope I never get to that level in my life again.

Ella: My supervisor was a b****. She constantly lied to us to try to get us to work like the frantic pill popping highly stressed out crazed person she was. She talked down to everyone and called them stupid behind their backs. She was an incredibly horrible person. One day in a meeting she tried to call me out for something I didn’t do because I wasn’t even working there at the time. I presented her with facts and she was talking to me like I was stupid. I stood up and said “I’m not f***ing stupid!”. The meeting adjourned because of my outburst but it felt ohhhh so good. I didn’t get in trouble.

Allisha: Coworker was always trying to “hook” me up with her son, even thou I wasn’t interested. To be nice I agreed to meet him for lunch…Bad decision! NO CHEMISTRY at all! I even think he was on the DL to be honest but was “dating” women to please his mother…so after many failed attempts to hook up back up….She started telling everyone she was “happy her son didn’t want to date me, as I was promiscuous anyway” I snapped! First off she was the married one always having “dates” during her lunch…I told her “Bish, you do not know me after 5 o’clock, do not run into this 5:15 a** whipping” Needless to say my manager had to come see what all the noise was about. She was talked to about starting rumors but no other actions took place. However my statement “You do NOT know me after 5 o’clock” Became the office line! Lol

Vanessa: Yes, the first time Pres. Obama got elected into office, a co-worker DID NOT like it, so he takes my picture of the President down, balls it up, THEN lays it face up in my trashcan next to my desk….for me to see it. When I asked about it, no one answered up. I proceeded to go to HR and file a complaint…..then EVERYONE spoke up and pointed the finger at the culprit. Not only did I CUSS HIS A$$ OUT for touching my personal belongings, but for being a racist bigot and he got the RIGHT ONE THAT DAY!!!! Needless to say they wrote me up, but it was worth every syllable. When he was re-elected, I didn’t hear a PEEP from him…or it would have gone DOWN again!!

Trina: Yes I did…the owner pulled me into an empty office and started going off about a client’s complaint and he had done NO research before he came to me but because it was a family friend he wanted her to be treated special and when I refused and said all of my clients will be treated the same no matter their income or connections it became a heated argument (including expletives) and people in the building knew what happened before I made it to my desk. Two days later I was terminated for insubordination however they didn’t fight me on unemployment so I would guess its safe to say I won.

Mimi: Yes & I do not regret getting written up for it either. When I worked as an admit clerk (in a charity hospital), a patient came to submit his triage/ER complaint to my window. I told him to have a seat until his name was called. He claimed that he was bleeding(in which he obviously wasn’t-dude had a splinter in the tip of his ring finger) & I told him to inform the triage nurse, who would remedy the “bleeding”. While interviewing him, he called me a ni** er b****!!!! I told him if you ever disrespect me like that again, your musty cracker a** will go home with more than a splintered finger.

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