President Obama Effortlessly Catches Fainting Pregnant Woman Mid-Speech

October 22, 2013  |  

In case you were unaware of just how smooth your President is, here’s a reminder. While delivering a speech regarding technical difficulties impacting at the White House, President Obama quickly realized that there was a slight medical emergency going on right under his nose. As he addressed the issues, a pregnant woman standing behind him–who was later identified as Karmel Allison–began feeling faint and appeared to be losing her balance. Though onlookers appeared to notice Karmel’s plight, the didn’t act quickly enough. Luckily, President Obama sensed some sort of commotion going on behind him and quickly caught the woman, placing his arm behind her before she could fall.

“There you go. You’re okay. I got you. You’re okay. You’ll be okay,” President Obama reassured her before a staff member came out to help her.

“This is what happens when I talk too long,” he joked.

It turns out that Karmel has been suffering from diabetes since she was 9 years old. A couple of weeks prior to the President’s speech, she wrote a blog post titled, What Obamacare Feels Like To A Diabetic. An excerpt from that post reads:

“On October 1st, I went to my state’s ACA exchange, CoveredCA. I was mostly curious, and wanted to see what the plans and rates would be; even if I want to change my healthcare, I intend to give this whole Obamacare thing a few months to make sure Congress doesn’t knife it in the back right after I make a switch.

But, noncommittal as I was, I was floored by what I saw. I filled out the simple questionnaire on the website to see my options. They asked me about my age, my income, my family size. And that was it. No medical history. No “Do you have diabetes?” No “Are you more likely than average to get kidney disease and retinal disease and neuropathy?” No “Do you cost a fortune because of all the medication you need?” No “Have you already had cataract surgery because of this stupid disease?” Age, income, family size, and then I was presented with options. The same options my healthy-young-male husband sees. The same options every late-twenty-something sees.

It’s an amazing feeling. After almost two decades of feeling tied to a single option– an option I like and am extremely grateful for, but still a single option — I felt liberated. Even now, I get chills just thinking about that feeling of, “Hey, you’re just one of us now.” It’s incredible. It’s profoundly American, to feel like I have choices and the freedom to move.”

The blog entry quickly spread across the Internet, making its way from the American Diabetic Association to the White House staff. She was eventually invited to the White House.

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