14 Little Things Every Wife Wishes Her Husband Would Remember

October 22, 2013  |  
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Men, consider this list a gift. Women, feel free to chime in with anything we’ve forgotten. Here are a few things every wife wishes her husband would remember.

She’s not eating meat

Even if your wife is on a new diet kick or health trend every few months, keep up with it! Making reservations on the only night you both had free for date night at a ribs joint when she’s just gone vegetarian will be a disaster.

She has to get up extra early on Tuesday

So if you could, do your laundry Monday afternoon when you have absolutely nothing going on, versus waiting until midnight, when she’s trying to sleep and the machines are tumbling and roaring until 2 am.

Her shoe size

A man who can buy a woman not only a gorgeous pair of shoes, but in the right size…that man’s story will be told around the world.

Her favorite flower

Seriously. Call us gluttons for the simple things, but possessing our favorite flower (and yes, it has to be our favorite, not just a generic dozen of roses!) can make us think about all the ways life is beautiful, instead of all the ways it might be miserable at the moment.


Her top comfort food

When your wife is PMSing or just emotional for some reason, you can either be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. Sorry—no middle ground. And if you bring her the peanut butter Girl Scout cookies when she’s told you a dozen times she likes the thin mints, she will call her therapist.

Her best friend’s marital status

Even if your wife’s best friend has a new boyfriend every month, you have to keep up with the beginnings and endings of her relationships. It’s okay if you don’t know the new guy’s name or profession, but you should know that the friend is single again so you don’t accidentally ask her what her and her boyfriend are doing for Valentine’s Day. If you make that mistake, you’ve just started a cry fest that your wife has to be the main audience member of.


Her parent’s birthdays

She’ll remind you if you forget. Come on; she doesn’t need her parents thinking her husband is thick headed. But if your wife gets a call from her mom who is gloating about the fact that you called her to wish her a happy birthday, all on your own, you will win husband of the year award. And son-in-law of the year award! Double win!

When her period arrives

You’re married so she’s comfortable enough having to break the news to you that her downstairs is out of commission. But it’s always a shame to have to do it so, if you can keep even a vague calendar of her cycle, you can spare her that awkward moment when she has to re-direct your hands away from her underwear.

How many pillows she needs

There might be nothing more infuriating on the planet than to be searching for the extra pillow you know you can’t sleep without, only to see your husband is obliviously sprawled out on it, passed out, and not even using it! Don’t be that husband.


That she takes a class on Friday evenings

So when somebody invites the two of you to do something, you don’t automatically say yes, and then have to cancel later when your wife reminds you again she is busy on that evening, making her look for the tenth time like a flake.

Her favorite TV shows

This is a magic tool for anytime your wife is upset—especially with you. Track down any upcoming reruns of her favorite old TV shows. Tivo them. Write up the schedule for her with channels, dates and times. She won’t be able to stay mad long.


Her favorite part of her body

Even if it’s in the form of a compliment, a woman does not want any attention paid to the parts of her body she is insecure about. But you can say all you want about those calves she is proud of. She will not get sick of hearing compliments about her favorite body part.

Silver vs. gold

In jewelry, that is. If you can just remember this one simple thing, the nice female sales associate at the jewelry department can do the rest for you via a few simple questions about your wife.


What alcohol she likes to keep in the house

How can a wife, who has just had the longest, most exhausting and infuriating day, not totally melt for the husband who grabbed a couple extra bottles of her favorite wine at the store today?

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