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If you’ve been watching the “I Dream Of NeNe” series, you know that one of the many hitches in Gregg and NeNe’s wedding plans was the discussion about whether Gregg was going to sign a prenup. The couple went back and forth, though ultimately, Gregg bit the bullet and signed the document. NeNe And Gregg discussed their prenup during their recent visit to the Arsenio Hall Show and he got all up in their business as he discussed the drama behind their prenup and why Gregg ultimately decided to sign on the dotted line.

Arsenio: If you were my baby sister, and he wouldn’t sign the prenup, I would say ‘Move On, Move On!’ I like when Cynthia’s husband said, ‘You sign it if you don’t want nothing but the woman. Now, why are you apprehensive to sign that?

Gregg: We’re not going to need it. We’re never divorcing again. We don’t need a prenup! Go away.

Arsenio: But you know there have been people in the past in our world who have said that, and thats game.

NeNe: And he did say it, but listen, let me just tell you how I feel about the prenup. I personally feel like I got so many people talking to me about a prenup like it was a bad thing. To me, In the African American household, a lot of people feel like a prenup is a bad thing and it’s not, it’s a great thing. It’s like you would handle your will upfront, or your life insurance you handle all those things before you pass. It’s the same thing, in case something happens I feel like it was easier for us to work everything out on the front end while I like you. Okay? Thats real! Because if I don’t like you and we break up, honey you not gon’ get nothing. I will be fighting you tooth and nail!

Arsenio: So where does it stand right now with the prenup, right this minute?

Gregg: We got a prenup cause I want this!

Then, still probing, Arsenio asked the couple why they didn’t sign a prenup during their first marriage. NeNe pretty much said Gregg was  so distracted by her cootie cat that he wasn’t thinking anything about a prenup.

Arsenio: Okay now I’m going to flip it, why you want him to sign one, when he had more paper than you?

NeNe: Gregg met me in 1996, okay and he was pursuing me and he asked me to marry me, and he never asked me to sign a prenup because he liked all of me. And men are just very different, you know they like Hello Kitty first. Well, they like Hello Kitty then they worry about the other stuff later, but I, you know, listen, he didn’t ask me to sign a prenup. I don’t mean to sound you know, this is a different time. We have to sign a prenup, I already seen his hand. I seen how he fight in court so we need a prenup!

Well there you have it. I’m not mad at NeNe at all. If you know Gregg is going to come for your money should you get divorced again, then by all means protect yourself.

Watch the video of their discussion below. 

How do you feel about prenups? Is NeNe wrong for requiring Gregg to sign one?

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