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“I have to tell you Obamacare is, really I think, the worst thing that’s happened in this nation since slavery,” Dr. Ben Carson, a recent Fox News hire, said  at the Voter Values Summit on Friday.

His controversial speech sent shockwaves across the nation as Carson said that The Affordable Care Act (ACA) bounds the American people by shackles: “It is making all of us subservient to the government. It was never about health care. It was about control,” he said.

In one portion of his oration, the renowned neurosurgeon pointed to Obamacare as the path a Communist country: “Vladimir Lenin, one of the fathers of socialism and communism, said that socialized medicine is the keystone to the establishment of a socialist state,” he added.

Roland Martin, according to, took to his radio program on NewsOne to confront Ben Carson. Considering all the devastating events that have plagued America between days of slavery and now, how does Carson point to Obamacare as the worst? Carson replied:

“That’s my opinion. First of all, I recognize that slavery was a horrible thing … I realize how horrible it was … I didn’t say this is as bad as slavery, I said this is the worst thing since slavery.”

Martin interjected to confirm if this included the Jim Crow laws. “Yes, absolutely,” Carson said. He continued to claim that the ACA goes against the constitutional rights of the American people:

This nation was founded on the principle that it would be a new type of nation, that was for, of, and by the people. A constitution was put in place that would assure that the people remain at the pinnacle of power and that the central government would never reach the point where it had control of the people. [Obamacare] fundamentally changes the relationship.”

Carson asserted that the government is taking too much control of American healthcare. But Martin “pushed back, declaring that the healthcare law empowers the individual. The doctor responded by saying that the law gets in between the patient-provider relationship,” Mediaite said.

“This is only the beginning,” Carson warned. “Ultimately we will have a single-payer system if we don’t stop this from happening.”

In other news of anti-Obamacare antics, one owner of an Arkansas restaurant put up a sign that read “Obamacare: America’s Punishment for Slavery.” What’s up with people linking health care reform to those torturous days for Blacks in America?

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