Here He Go…Don Lemon Claims Adrian Peterson Is More “MIA Than MVP” When It Comes To Fatherhood

October 18, 2013  |  

Now YOU KNOW that Don Lemon has been very vocal in the last few months about issues going on in the black community, specifically through his post at CNN. I know I don’t have to remind you of his five points on fixing the black community…

But in a commentary for the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Lemon shared his feelings on the death of Adrian Peterson’s son, and why he takes issue with the fact that Peterson barely knew the boy. He took that as an opportunity to speak on parental responsibility in the community and planning before having children. Here’s a tidbit from his statements:

This Adrian Peterson secret love child beating, the death story has been really bothering me. Bothering me obviously because the boy was just two years old and was allegedly beaten to death by his mom’s boyfriend who was not the child’s father. Bothering me also because the dead boy’s father is Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Petersonan NFL MVP, who appears to be more MIA honestly, than MVP. The child’s death is certainly tragic.  And I feel bad for all of those involved, all of those who loved him. But like many people out there, i’m struggling with how to feel about his dad, Adrian Peterson. Because, although Peterson allegedly didn’t know definitively that the boy was his until a few months ago. A few months are not a few weeks, not a few days. A few months are a few months.  That’s a long time. Peterson is reported to have said that when he found out, he quote, “supercharged his efforts to be a part of the boy’s life.” But within those months, Peterson never met the boy. The boy was never flown to meet him for the weekend. He never flew to meet the boy on one of his days off.

Does that sound like supercharged to you? Again I’m not judging, I’m just asking…

The cold hard fact is that children of single parents have a 77 percent greater risk of being harmed by physical abuse than children living with both parents.  That’s according to the National Incidence Study. And many kids in a single parent households are physically and or sexually abused by their mother’s boyfriends or acquaintances; the men who come and go who have no connection to the child…

I’m not judging him and I am not judging the adults involved. But whether they realize it or not, they are responsible for those childrens’ lives and the trajectory of those children’s lives before they even leave mommy’s body. And while it is indeed heartbreaking for Adrian and the baby’s mother,  imagine the pain that, that child suffered and many like him suffer across the country every single day; even as I speak now because mommy or daddy aren’t present, they don’t know whats going on in their children’s lives. Parental responsibility is important. Personal responsibility is key. Think before you decide to have a child, just because you can have one, it doesn’t mean that you should. I always say you should plan for a child or stop having them out-of-wedlock.

Don’t take my word for it, the silence of that little 2-year-old boy, the little dead boy, speaks volumes.

What do you think about what Lemon had to say? He also brings up the paternity claims by multiple women (who are looking for attention). One person critical of his commentary in the comment section claimed that Lemon is, these days, trying to make money and get attention by trying to confirm the stereotypes of black men and women. Is that individual correct? Check out the full commentary over at Black America Web and let us know what you think.

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