9 Things A Toddler Can Teach You

October 16, 2013  |  
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Now, I don’t know if I agree with Jaden Smith’s theory that babies are the smartest people on the planet, but I do think that there’s something about a toddler’s innocence and willingness to learn that is commendable and something that should be noted.  As a mother I spend a lot of time watching my daughter and while I’m teaching her the rules of life, she’s teaching me as well.  Because I care about you, readers (yes, even you) I wanted to share:

Be Fearless with What you Want

There is nothing more dedicated than a toddler trying to get something that they crave.  When a toddler fixes their sights on obtaining something, they do whatever they can to get it.

It’s not until we get older that we begin to let things like the possibility of failure, or even the threat of success to stop us from pursuing what we really want in life.  Tune into your tenacity and stop talking yourself out of your dreams.

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

Pride is something that is learned.  Clearly you wouldn’t just defecate on yourself in public for the heck of it (and if you would, might I suggest adult diapers, and possibly a therapist).  Babies have no shame, and with that, as they are not afraid to let you know when they need or want help.  From telling you, or as my daughter likes to, grabbing my hand and leading me to things that are out of her reach.

There’s no shame in admitting that you don’t know all the answers and that you need help.  There’s shame in trying to pretend and then getting found out.

Trust Your Intuition

Besides following their basic survival skills, toddlers have a good intuition that helps them to avoid things and people that are sketchy.  As we get older we like to give things and people the benefit of the doubt.  But as my fellow writer, Jazmine, proved in her article about ignoring her intuition, doing so can be dangerous.

Observation is a Strong Learning Tool

Have you ever had someone drive you somewhere millions of times, but the moment you get behind the wheel you don’t know which way to go?  Sometimes we tune out what’s going on and enjoy some “me” time, which isn’t bad.  But it’s also good to be cognitive of what’s going on, because you can always learn something new.

See Things from a Different Perspective

Children have an amazing ability to want to work things from as many perspectives as possible before giving up.  Whether they are building a block castle, or using those “Mega Bloks” they look at the different perspectives of what they’re working on to find that perfect spot to put said toy.

As adults, we try to find that one perfect path toward success, and then we become discouraged when it doesn’t work.  A lot of times, success isn’t a straight line at all, and you have to explore different avenues before you can get what you want.

It’s Okay to Feel and Expose Your Emotions

“Stop Crying like a baby,” is one of those insults that can turn an argument up a notch.  Now, I’m not telling you to cry anytime things don’t go your way, but you’re definitely not doing yourself any favors by suppressing your emotions either.

Like What You See In the Mirror

Like many I was deeply touched by that Dove commercial that asked:  “When Did you Stop Thinking You Were Beautiful.”  Especially at the end where they show little girls admiring their own reflection without any regrets.  When I see my daughter do the same, it makes me want to get back to the place where I’m not picking myself apart, but loving what I see as a whole.  I also want to keep her loving what she sees in the mirror for as long as I can.

Don’t Wait For People To See Your Needs

Children are motivated by their desires.  If they want something, they ask for it or get it.  They don’t play the game of:  “I really need a hug right now, I hope someone sees that and gives me one.”  NO!  If they want a hug, they’re going to get a hug.  Don’t wait for people to see your needs for you.  Go out and get it yourself.

It’s Okay to Look Up To Someone

A lot of times we like to think that we can be independent and don’t need anything from anyone.  However, it’s good to have someone to look to as a guide, who can help us when we need it.  If you’re a parent, that’s who you are to your child, and it’s okay for you to have someone like that for yourself as well.

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