Gun Violence: The Neverending Saga Holding America Hostage

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When was the exact moment that the nation came to grips with the fact that gun violence is an indisputable erosion corroding our daily lives?

For some it was the senseless killing of Trayvon Martin and the reactors surrounding the verdict this past summer. Or perhaps the Sandy Hook massacre touched a nerve and woke up your slumbering consciousness.

Now we have a more recent revival in the form of the Navy Yard shooting in DC which again gripped the airwaves and our interests, leaving us wondering – Why?

There are so many questions that leave us desperate for answers but unfortunately there is no easy way out of this particular dilemma.

The right for all Americans to possess firearms has consistently given uncompromising power to citizens of all walks of life and helped detonate emotional bombs that have left thousands of scarred victims branded for a lifetime.

When and how do we fire back in retaliation with words and sensitive pleas to the organizations responsible for feeding the now global monstrosity?

The truth is that Americans have been paying the ultimate price for decades, but because those tragedies were regulated to a particular populace, we became desensitized and unyielding to the waging war happening so close but yet so conveniently far.

Now, we are confronted with the indelible truth that the roster of catastrophes plaguing mankind both at home and beyond is an issue we can no longer avoid or hide from because this time it’s personal. The bullets are now being deposited without any restraint or regard for each of our individual racial, geographical or economic stations. The fight has become bloated with vague references, that despite the best of intentions, seem to deviate from the forces that threaten to handicap our immaculately arranged disposition.

There is no easy way to steady the waves that bang against our erected existence but we’ve got to try to find a way to understand the champions of meditated tragedies and get the powers that be to slip out of their mental coma and revive their sense of duty and justice for all.

We have to come together and remove ourselves from the media onslaught and the press conferences that aim to give us a temporary reprieve but still leave us with gaping wounds and restless spirits.

We have to use the sophisticated tools at our disposal to enforce our stipulations when it comes to the fragility of human life and how we can’t allow regulated carelessness to predict the growing casualties that are symbolically littering our sidewalks every other day.

The United States of America has provided an opaque platform that a lot of countries marvel and envy but we are still unable to tackle the most formidable equation that could literally make the difference between life and death.

Inner city kids have adjusted to their familiar turmoil and their privileged counterparts are being forced to accommodate their new reality.

The unrelenting nightmare is seeping through like the plague and now that all bets are off, lets utilize the bullet points that come with our citizenship and stand up for justice, freedom, and the American way.

We have already established that we need to say no to drugs. So let’s say no to guns, or at least say yes, to finding a way to deactivate the formula presently initiated that is making it so tragically easy for the destruction of innocent lives.

It’s time for a change…and it’s going to ordinary folks like us to initiate it.

Are you ready?

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