15 Of The Fakest Reality TV Moments We’ve Ever Seen

October 22, 2013  |  
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We all know that reality TV isn’t 100% real, but sometimes scenes and story lines come off as 100% staged, fabricated, exaggerated, and just plain fake. Here are 15 of the fakest reality TV moments we’ve ever seen.

Nene and Gregg’s Break Ups to Make Ups

We’ve all heard Nene flat-out deny that she and Gregg’s troubles had anything to do with reality TV, but the paparazzi caught them booing up and hiding from the camera during their alleged split. And we all know Nene’s no fool. She knows a boring story line can get you the boot from a reality show in a minute.

Kirk and Rasheeda

Speaking of being too boring, Kirk and Rasheeda were just about to get the boot from “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” for having nothing going on when their relationship took a hard left. Rasheeda got pregnant, Kirk demanded an abortion, and the two split when Kirk hooked up with a few floozies. And when the two were seen booed up all over town off camera, we were convinced that this over-the-top blow up was all the way fake.

Che Mack

Ever wonder why Che Mack’s LHHATL role wasn’t bigger? Che says it’s all because of her fake relationship with Stevie J. Che was cool playing Stevie J’s potential side piece, but then she says they asked her to sleep with him. Che said “no” and now she’s not on the show anymore.

All Those Table Talks

In every reality show, there’s a moment where the ladies sit around the table and spill tea. We thought we were watching relatively real moments, but in a recent interview, Sheree Whitfield let the whole world know that those are some of the most scripted moments in reality TV. Producers interrupt at every turn to tell the ladies what to talk about, when to change topics, where to sit and who to invite.

The Rides and The Homes

Not every reality star is really living the life. Before filming starts, some of the stars rent other people’s houses and drive rental cars to make sure they look the part when they get the show. You’d be surprised at how many reality stars start filming broke and hanging on ’til the first check comes rolling in.

The Fights

Every time two people get into it on a reality show, they get together to “talk” immediately after. And we’re thinking “why would they have lunch together? They hate each other.” Turns out that’s a classic producer’s trick. Put two people together who have beef, make sure they talk about a touchy subject and get ready to watch the drinks fly.

Nikko and Mimi

Sometimes the stars don’t even know when “reality” isn’t real. According to the rumor mill, Nikko and Mimi’s relationship was fake — only Nikko didn’t know it. He says that Mona Scott-Young and Mimi conspired together for a Nikko and Mimi story line where they dated for a season’s worth of ratings and then broke up.

All the Catfish

Catfish is the reality show where participants find out if their online-only boo is really who they say they are. But it’s not a mystery to the producers. According to show insiders, they know good and well who’s fooling who. Nine times out of ten the online scammers are the ones who call the show. And sometimes, the participants aren’t in relationships at all.

Lil Scrappy’s Proposal

Erica says that the drama with Momma Dee wasn’t the only reason she didn’t marry Scrap. She claims Scrappy orchestrated his own fake reality moment when he proposed to her and that the proposal was about his image and creating drama for the show, not to create a life together. So she turned him down and pawned the ring. But now Scrap is saying that Erica faked the whole relationship for the ratings so we don’t know who to believe.

Everything on Basketball Wives

Tami Roman, Tanya Young and Royce Reed have come out to say that “Basketball Wives” producers are responsible for all of the breakups, makeups, fallouts and fights. According to the reality stars, the producers planted seeds, spread rumors and told lies. Then they sat back and watched the drama unfold.

Kenya and Walter

This has to be the most famous example of scripting gone wrong. The story goes Kenya wanted to be a Real Housewife but didn’t have a real husband. So she started dating Walter to get on the show. Everything was cool until Kenya tried to force him to propose to her on national TV. That was too crazy for Walter and he spilled her reality tea all over the street.

The Kardashians

“The Kardashians” is so fake, Kim might end up in court. Apparently Kris Humphries is suing for scenes that were edited and cut to make him look like a bad guy. Kris’s biggest gripe? It’s the infamous car scene where Kim breaks down and tells her mother she wants a divorce after just 72 days of marriage. Kris says that scene was filmed two months after the divorce…on a sound stage.

Benzino & Karlie Redd

When Benzino clowned Karlie Redd with the proposal take-back, we thought the drama smelled a little fishy. But Benzino says that moment was 100% real. The fake part of their relationship, according to Benzino, was the way they met.

Benzino says he first hooked up with Karlie Redd off camera. But when Mona Scott-Young heard about the relationship she said that if they were going to date they had to do it on camera. So they faked another first meeting with a script and cameras for your viewing pleasure.

Basically Anything on Bravo

Last month, Radar Online put Bravo in the spotlight when they revealed the contract that their reality show participants must sign. Basically when they agree to do the show, they agree that “the show may expose them to ‘public ridicule, humiliation or condemnation’ and may portray them in a false light.”

Apollo and Brandon’s Fight

When we heard that Apollo Nida and Kenya Moore’s assistant Brandon DeShazer came to blows over Kenya’s DVD, we thought “what does Apollo have to do with Phaedra and Kenya’s beef?” According to Nene and Kenya, nothing at all. They say Apollo orchestrated the whole thing for more air time on the Real Housewives.

He has been steadily increasing his screen time over the last few seasons…

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