Cubicle Confessions: I Was Sexually Harassed At Work

October 9, 2013  |  

Cubicle Confessions is a new MN Business column bringing you real-life office horror stories from MadameNoire readers. This week’s topic is sexual harassment in the workplace. Have you ever been sexually harassed at work?

Janet: Yes but after I put him in a choke hold and threatened to tell his wife he didnt f !!!with me nomore!!!!

Michelle: Yes but I guess I was too young and dumb to notice. My manager (20 plus years ago – first job out of college – a hotel) used to follow me around while grabbing himself. And another employee at the same place of business (apparently an ex con) used to regularly threaten me for not consenting to date his trifling behind. #youngandstupid

Peta: I always seem to get harassed by the security guards at the buildings where I work… From obvious sexual stares to getting asked for dates, etc…Also a maintenance worker at a job I worked at asked me if I was on a diet and told me not to loose anymore weight because he liked the way my thighs looked in my pants.

Stacy: It’s happened to me twice on the same job. The first time, it was a female who touched my butt. I reported her and the company simply didn’t know what to do because it was same sex oriented. I wasn’t pleased with the response, so I went to the Sheriff’s Dept to report it. My eyes were opened to the ignorance of the world that very day. I was treated like I had done something wrong. They investigated, but nothing was done. They wanted to know about my sexual preferences. I told them no matter what they were, no means no…..I didn’t want to be grabbed, end of story. The second time, it was a male co-worker. He was one of those men who always jokes around with the ladies. Other women allowed this mess, I don’t. He was a nasty old dude. He didn’t touch me, but he said some really foul crap to me and he got to close. I go upstairs to report him, and my boss had my back. She told me to have my boyfriend handle it if it didn’t go according to plan. The outcome was very different the second time, though. The company sent him home for a few days without pay and he had the report in his file. he actually apologized to me. I asked him if he would want a man to talk to his wife the way he spoke to me, and he said ‘no’. I really wanted to get thuggish, but I didn’t want to lose my job. People are quick to think something is wrong with the ‘out cry’ employee. I don’t like that mentality at all. If someone had reported that person, perhaps it would stop.

Celeste: My boss wanted to hook up for a long term affair. I declined and almost lost my job because I said no. Come to find out, he started hooking up with another coworker. It appears that this is something he does regularly.

Ashley: Story of my life. It’s always an old man like old enough to be my grandfather. I interviewed, dude followed me to the elevator and just kept saying mmm mmm mmm and staring at me. I told him to walk ahead of me because I knew what he was going to do and he just stood there, then asked me to lunch. I said no sir; he said don’t call me sir it makes me feel old. I looked at him and said you are and walked off the other direction. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even socialize with my coworkers. If I talk to a young guy, the old dudes expect me to talk to them too and they always take it overboard. Gross.

Tineke: Yes on two different jobs…in both cases I went to HR. The first time they said he’s just a touchy kind of person. I told them that he could touch on her…give me my check so I can go. The last time I was laid off a week later and they asked me to sign a paper saying I wouldn’t sue or I wouldn’t get me severance pay. Wow. ..HR sux. ..they r not on the employee’s side.

Denise: A student of mine, grabbed my thigh as I walked in the class. My boss handled the issue quickly and he was reprimanded and removed from my class.

La-Shawn: A co-worker shared a “dream” he had with the two of us in bed together. Freaked me out. To make matters worse, my male supervisor at the time hollered out to me from his office while the co-worker was already in there. He told me ‘He wanted to apologize to you.’ I was furious. It was awkward enough being around him at all. I felt like my supervisor didn’t get it–I didn’t want any kind of communications with someone who had crossed the line and violated me. That’s like asking a woman who’s been raped to allow her attacker to hug her and tell her ‘sorry.’

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