Never Gonna Get It, Never Gonna Get It! Albums We’ve Been Waiting On For Too Damn Long

October 8, 2013  |  
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It really sucks when one of your favorite artists releases a good album, and then decides to take their sweet time releasing a follow-up. Sometimes it can be blamed on a sabbatical, not liking the direction of their new music, or an artist simply just playing games. No matter what the reasoning behind such delays, for fans, it can be maddening, especially when folks (and their reps) keep saying it’s on its way. Enough with the lies! Just drop the music already! Here are nine examples of albums we’ve been waiting on and yet they still haven’t seen the light of day (and some probably won’t).


Now this woman knows she should have had an album out by summer. She headlined the Super Bowl Halftime Show in February, she kicked off the epic Mrs. Carter World Tour, and she even dropped a few formidable tracks (“Bow Down” didn’t sit well with everybody, “Standing on the Sun” was pretty good, but “Grown Woman” was a unanimous winner). Yet and still, it’s October, and we still haven’t seen a complete album; only the promise of a calendar and her husband dropping new material. Well, she’s still got November and December to give her fans something, but I have a feeling Rihanna will drop her yearly effort before Bey releases something.  *sighs*

Erykah Badu

You probably don’t remember this, but when Erykah Badu dropped New Amerykah Part One (4th World War) in 2008, it was supposed to be the first in a three-part series of works. She followed up that critically acclaimed effort with New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh) in 2010, but as we veer closer and closer to 2014 (yikes! where did the time go!?), we still haven’t heard the third part of Badu’s trilogy. Instead, she’s been busy appearing on songs with Janelle Monae (“Q.U.E.E.N.”), Tyler the Creator (“Treehome95”) and the Bonobos (“Heaven for the Sinner”).


Speaking of black folks who are extremely late, uh, Maxwell, where is your new album!? The super-fine crooner delivered an epic return to the R&B game in 2009 when he released the album  BLACKsummers’night. It brought us “Pretty Wings,” as well as “BadHabits” and more, and the album was supposed to be the first in a trilogy that would happen like this: BLACKsummers’night, blackSUMMERS’night and blacksummers’NIGHT. The second part was allegedly supposed to be released in 2012, but we still haven’t heard one song or even a snippet. However, Max has been releasing some of the lyrics to new songs on his Instagram account, and did a fire duet with Alicia Keys, coincidentally called “Fire We Make.”

Dr. Dre

Let’s just let this one go. Agreed? In 2001, Dr. Dre released his second solo album called 2001, also known as Chronic 2001. It was a massive hit and was one of those old-school joints that had more than 12 tracks on it (22 altogether!). But more than 10 years later, there has been no sign of his third album that he’s been talking about since the early new Millennium, Detox. We thought it was coming after he released the singles “I Need A Doctor” and “Kush” in 2010, but alas, that was it. He has since been focused on making major guap thanks to Beats By Dre headphones and making tracks for others.


As loved as D’Angelo is by old-school R&B/Neo-soul fans, you would think he’s released more than two albums in his 22-year career. But that’s all: Brown Sugar and Voodoo. Both were modern-day classics, but folks are still hoping for a third effort, one he claimed was going to be called James River and feature Prince on some production. D’Angelo made something of a comeback last year when he performed at the BET Awards (I appreciated it, but others were expecting him half-unclothed singing “How Does It Feel” again) and took part in a European tour, but just this summer he put a current American tour on hiatus because of health issues and still hasn’t released not a one new song.


JoJo has an amazing voice, but because of label bull, she’s been trying to push her own music through social media since her third untitled album was never released by her record company. That’s why most folks haven’t heard an actual album from the talented singer since 2006’s The High Road. But she has been releasing mixtapes here and there, including last year’s AgápēThe singer reportedly tried to sue her labels Blackground and Da Family in July for what her team says has been “irreparable damages to her professional career” for putting her music in limbo all these years.

Bridget Kelly

A pretty talented singer, Kelly has been seen everywhere in the last year or so (especially on the red carpet), but as for actual music we’ve heard from her, there hasn’t been all that much. There was her take on “Thinking About You” before Frank Ocean took his song back and propelled it into the stratosphere, then there was the song “Special Delivery” in 2012 and “Street Dreamin'” with Kendrick Lamar in 2013, but where’s the debut album? In a recent interview we did with the Roc Nation beauty (soon to be posted on the site), she said that it was still in progress. She’s been hustling in 2009, it’s time for Jay and them to let her release something at this point…

50 Cent

Let’s just be honest with ourselves. The music career of 50 Cent that once had him on top in Hip-Hop, is now floundering. But that’s totally okay because Fiddy is making major money elsewhere with his endorsements. However, he’s still trying to show folks that he’s still got it, working on a new album called Street King Immortal that is supposed to be replacing an album he worked on for a while called Black Magic before he dumped the whole concept. He’s been talking about this fifth replacement album for the last few years, but it still has not been completed and released, though we were supposed to see it in summer of 2011 and then November of 12 and then February of 2013. What happened, sir?


Miss. Misdemeanor, we miss jamming to your music, and while your feature on J. Cole’s “Nobody’s Perfect” was awesome, we need a new album. Production for a new album she was calling Block Party has been going on since 2007, and the release date for it was pushed back multiple times over the last few years. But the album has still not been released, as Missy has been busy helping her protege Sharay J come up, and been featured on numerous tracks and remixes for notable artists. It’s not clear when or if that whole Block Party album is happening after all…

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