Chock It Up To Experience! Things To Forgive About Your Dating History

October 18, 2013  |  
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In the dating world, we’re all bound to make a mistake or two, but that doesn’t mean we always forgive ourselves when we do. Dwelling on these mistakes only creates baggage that can cause issues later on down the line, so if this sounds all too familiar, now is a good time to start forgiving and forgetting. Here are some things to forgive yourself for from your dating history.

Staying in a bad relationship for too long

Love and other emotions can be pretty blinding, and once you’re out of a bad relationship, you start to look back on things and realize just how dumb of you it was to stay for that long. Though you may be done regretting the relationship, you may still be dwelling on the idea of how foolish you were. Instead of beating yourself up for it, move along and realize that it’s all a part of life and the dating game.

Falling for a bad boy

We have all had that one man that we longed for, only because he was a bad boy and portrayed that image down to a T. When it comes to women, we tend to be attracted to those men, especially in our younger years. Though you may have regretted it once it all ended, you can only learn from it in the end. Just make sure you’re steering clear of these men nowadays.

Having a one night stand

Looking back on it, you may completely regret having that one night stand, but if you’ve had one, know that you’re not alone in the slightest. More than 30 percent of all adults have admitted to having a one night stand. In any case, it was a one time thing. Unless you’re a repeat offender, you have nothing to shame yourself for. Take it as a night of passion and move on from it.


You just got out a bad relationship and you really wanted a man in your life, even if you knew that you went into it with a “this is temporary” mindset. Rebounds seem like a good idea at the time but once they’re done and over with, you feel even worse and you feel bad about what you did to that man. Rebounds happen and apologizing, maybe with some explaining, is all you really need to do. Don’t dwell on it forever and let it ruin your dating abilities.

Going for your long-term crush

You were aching for this man for weeks, if not months. You had a crush on him and you thought that he was your knight in shining armor, so you went for it. Things didn’t turn out well and you found that because of that, you’re still pretty mad at yourself for wasting time and effort. While it may have ended, give yourself kudos for going for what you wanted.

Dating someone you really weren’t interested in

Maybe you were too shy or nice to say no, or maybe you were just really itching for some male companionship in your life. Whatever the situation was, a lot of people have dated someone, even if they really weren’t interested in him. Take it as a lesson learned and maybe now you know that dating someone for the wrong reasons never goes well.

Ruining a friendship over a relationship

A lot of women have males in their close-knit group of friends, and sometimes a friendship can blossom into something more. While you may have been a bit hesitant at first, you thought that dating a friend who you vibed with couldn’t go wrong. Though dating a friend doesn’t always mean a broken friendship, sometimes it does. You may have lost a friend due to taking the risk to date, don’t let it hinder you in the dating scene — and don’t do it again.

Dating a man for shallow reasons

So his personality may have sucked, but he had an amazingly toned body, a smile that gave you butterflies each time, and eyes that made your heart flutter. You knew from the get-go that the shallow side of you had taken over and you really just wanted some eye candy to make your own. Shallowness can get the best of us, but by now you’ve surely learned that looks aren’t everything.

Breaking up with a good guy

No one goes into a relationship thinking that you’re going to break up with that person. Breaking up is hard to do, and things get even worse when you really feel bad about breaking up with the guy since he treated you nicely. But when you aren’t feeling it, you just aren’t feeling it. Be glad that you realized that your happiness was on the line instead of sticking with something that wasn’t working for you.

Dating to get back at someone else

Women can do some pretty conniving things, especially when we’re young and new to the dating scene. At one point in time you may have found that you dated a man just to get back at someone who you no longer liked. Maybe he dated an ex-friend’s ex-boyfriend or maybe you dated a man who your friend was chasing, but you wanted to prove that you were better. You may have felt bad about it eventually, but let this one slide. We all do some downright wrong things, but don’t let it cause you problems nowadays.

Dating a player

When things first started, the signs weren’t completely obvious to you, but as time passed, you started to realize that you weren’t the only woman in the picture. Though it hurts to know that your man has tons of other women, be glad that you’re out of that relationship. Don’t let this relationship drag you down. At least now you know all of the warning signs and red flags.

Messing up a relationship

Mistakes in a relationship are common, but when you commit that one fatal mistake, your screwing up can lead a relationship to its demise. No matter what was said or done, don’t punish yourself forever because you made a really big mistake that cost you a relationship. If you’ve tried to make amends and apologize but nothing has been resolved, don’t linger on it. Just avoid making those same mistakes in the future.

Getting back with an ex

The relationship started out great, then things went sour and you two broke up. You kept talking, your feelings grew again, and you ended up dating him once more. Even after the second go-around, things didn’t turn out any better or any different. In your head you just wasted a lot of time on a man who you should have never got back with. Though it stings, take it as a lesson learned: exes are exes for a reason.

Losing yourself in dating

Some women put a lot of emphasis and dating and put forth a lot of effort and time in order to try to find their perfect man. If you’ve been dating for awhile, you probably know that it’s pretty easy to lose track of yourself when you’re on the quest for a mate. As long as you’ve taken the time to reconnect with yourself, don’t let it weigh you down. Just remember that you are most important.

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