Don’t Believe The Naysayers: 13 Reasons Marriage Is Worth The Effort

October 8, 2013  |  
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Nowadays we don’t see and hear a lot of good news in regards to marriage, but we do hear how hard marriage is, how it can become boring, and how likely infidelity is nowadays. And we hear all about who is getting divorced, who cheated on who, and the places where divorce rates are the highest. Though the media may not portray it as so, marriage isn’t so bad. In fact, marriage is an amazing thing, when you marry the right man for the right reasons. Here are 14 reasons why marriage is worth the effort.

You can spend the rest of your life with your best friend

A marriage means that you and your husband are devoted and determined to spend the rest of your lives with each other. What could be better than having the chance to spend the rest of your life with your best friend at your side? Getting married means you’ll always have a good friend within reach, and someone who will be a listener, a comforter, and wholeheartedly care about you.

You’ll be loved and cared for, daily

We all have those days when we are just down and out. When one of those days hits, you’ll always have someone who can help brighten it up by showing that he loves and cares for you, which can help you get through the toughest times and the toughest days. You may not feel that love everyday but it’s there.

You’ll always have someone to support you

Maybe you’ve had a really rough week or maybe you’re looking for a bit of advice and support as you transition into a new job. Whatever the situation, getting married all but ensures that you will always have a support system. When life throws you for a rough patch, your husband will be there to help push you through.

The relationship becomes stronger

Though some see marriage as the destination, it really is just the beginning of a journey and over time that bond becomes stronger as you two celebrate various life events and ups and downs together.

You’ll be part of a team

After marriage, you’re known as his wife and he’s known as your husband. These new roles can be life-changing for some, as many people will start to feel a new sense of motivation and being, meaning that you’ll feel a stronger need to work as a team because you’re now part of your husband and he’s now part of you. You’re a family. You two will work together to achieve your hopes and dreams, together. You’re also able to create a new set of mutual dreams.

You mature and become grounded

Before the wedding, things can be hectic. However, once the vows have been said and the marriage is confirmed, you will find that shortly after, you and your man will start to settle into a sense of calm and a feeling of being grounded together. While there’s still tons of questions to be answered, such as where you two will live in five years, for right now you can sit back, enjoy, and feel content in the fact that you’ve found a lifelong relationship.

You’ll have someone to change and grow with

As we get older and as time passes, we all change and grow. There’s no better way to grow with someone than by having that someone be your life-long partner. Growing and changing with someone makes the process that much easier and sometimes even enjoyable. That person can also always call you out when you are acting out of character and get you back on track.

You can move onto the next stages of life

Marriage is a huge step in anyone’s life. Tying the knot signifies the idea that you want to spend the rest of your life with this man. Once you’ve taken the leap and have gotten married, you can move onto the other stages of life, such as moving somewhere new together, and of course, having children and raising a family.

Marriage adds substance

It’s never wise for a couple to get married just to add substance to their relationship. However, if a couple already has a solid relationship, getting married can only build upon that foundation. By publicly declaring and showing your love in front of your family and friends and signing the marriage license, many couples feel that the relationship is more meaningful than it ever has been.

You have someone to call your own

There is just something about being married that gives you the sense that you have someone to call your own. You’re no longer just dating, but married. After getting married, you legally, and truly, have someone who you can call yours. Life becomes much more enjoyable when you’re able to have someone at your side who will make your life choices that much more important and meaningful.

You’ll have plenty of time between the sheets

Despite what people say about your sex life going away when you get married, studies and statistics have proven just the opposite. Married couples have the same amount of sex, if not more sex, than those who are single. Plus it takes a lot less effort to get your spouse into bed!

You’ll probably live longer

Despite all of the stress, frustrations, and emotions that marriage can cause, various studies have shown that married people tend to live longer than single people. Those who are in committed long-term relationships tend to outlive those who remain single and never get married. Married couples are also less likely to suffer from heart disease and cancer.

The practical reasons

Aside from having a life-long partner and being able to have someone at your side to support you, there are also some pretty practical reasons to get married. Married couples get a big tax break once tax season rolls around. You’ll also be able to jointly have healthcare in the event that one of you gets sick. You’re also able to share other benefits, such as social security.

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