14 Things You’ll Learn About Your Man From Traveling Together

October 16, 2013  |  
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You think you’re just getting some time away from work — and some much-needed private time with your man — but you’ll come back with a lot more after traveling with your partner than just memories. Here are 14 things you’ll learn about your man by leaving home with him and traveling together.

The other way he could look

You probably only know two or three of his looks: his office attire, his hanging out on the weekends attire, and perhaps his gym attire. But when you arrive at your resort, you might find out that come vacation, he’s the guy in the Hawaiian shirts and baseball caps that says, “I love the Bahamas.” Oh, and he owns a speedo….!


His respect for your bathroom time

At home, you probably have more than one bathroom or can always go home to your own place to take care of other “business.” But in a hotel room, there’s just the one bathroom. Does he get aggravated at you for taking a while on your hair? Does he bug you, talking through the door while you’re on the toilet? Or does he grab a book, hang out on the balcony and let you do your thing?

What kind of flying companion he is

On a long flight, you’ll find out if he’s the guy who takes up both armrests, or if he offers you his shoulder to sleep on. You’ll find out if he rolls his eyes at the crying baby, or offers him a piece of candy. You’ll find out if he is patient with the new flight attendant, taking forever to figure out how to work the food cart, or if he shows irritation.


If he panics when plans change

Flight gates will change at the last minute, or what was supposed to be a private gondola tour turns out to be you two, and two other couples, cramped together. Does he fixate on the screw up’s, or does he try to see the fun in the unexpected?


His hidden talents

You don’t have the chance at home to see his skills at sailing, or zip lining, or his knowledge of ancient Spanish artwork. But traveling puts you in arenas for both of you to showcase hidden talents.


His true feelings about money

At home, he might pinch pennies all week so that he can enjoy a night out with you on the weekend, without feeling anxiety about it. It’s easy to hide money habits in regular life, but the issue of money comes up at every corner while you’re traveling. Every meal, every hour, will be a financial decision.

His ability to balance life and work

Will he or won’t he bring his laptop on the two-hour boat ride to the museum? Or, will he leave it at the hotel, so he can enjoy the sites on the way? Will he try to micromanage his business from across the globe, or will he do a good enough job of delegating before he leaves? Will he feel comfortable giving up control of his work for a week?


How trusting he is

At a bar, in the town you both live in, it feels safe to talk to strangers. You have a certain understanding of the person’s background and social and economic status just by the way they dress, speak, and the part of town you’re in. But when traveling, it’s harder to figure out what cloth a person is cut from. Is your boyfriend cold and suspicious towards a friendly stranger at a bar? Or is he open to seeing what they’re about?

If he’s a big baby when sick

The odds are that someone will eat something funky and get sick. Is your boyfriend a giant baby about it, cursing you for just going for a 20-minute walk while he’s in bed? Insisting you stay by his side? Calling the most expensive home-visit doctor over a clear, simple case of nausea? Or, does he medicate as necessary, get some rest, accept that these things happen, and allow you to still go enjoy some sites while he recovers?

How comfortable he is breaking routine

Breakfast might not be available in the hotel lobby until two hours after he’s used to having it. And bed time…what’s that on vacation? Maybe he depends on watching TV to fall asleep, but your room doesn’t have one. Does he make do with the vintage radio next to the bed?

How he handles boredom

There is a surprising amount of down time while traveling. There are hour-long train rides and bus rides, two hours of nothing to do between tours and, in general, a lot of waiting. Does he get anxious when he has nothing to do? Talking compulsively? Or, does he seem content doing nothing?


The other languages he speaks

You won’t only meet people speaking the local language, but you’ll meet tourists from all over! You may discover that year your boyfriend spent abroad in Italy during college, via his surprisingly great pronunciation of the language with the friendly Italian couple at the table next to you.


How comfortable he is looking silly

Speaking of other languages, perhaps your guy doesn’t speak any at all, and communicating with locals is a constant struggle. You’ll see how comfortable he is using words he is totally botching, or pantomiming with ridiculous gestures to get his point across. You might see he is very attached to a translation dictionary, and he just points to the word that he means.


How often you actually want to be together

At home, it feels like you can’t get enough of each other. There is always work or friends or the gym standing in the way of you hanging out. But now none of that is in the way. None of it. You might discover that you value the time you have apart at home, and that it’s healthy for your relationship.

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