I’m Raising My Kids Without Religion

October 4, 2013  |  


From Mommy Noire.com by Diamonte Walker

A new article released on the topic of black female atheism states that 87% of African-Americans identify as religious. This statistic should come as no surprise given the complicated history of Christianity and slavery in this country, but the article did remind me of why I am happy with my choice to raise my children without a designated religion.

Looking at this statistic, I realize I am in the minority on this matter, but my choice to raise my children doctrine-free should not be confused with raising them to be atheists–because I am not. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need religion to know God. It is possible to believe in God and at the same time question what the religious order has said about God. I am not a historian or theologian, so I will not delve too much into that, but the negative impact of religion in the areas of politics, social justice and war are evident throughout history. On the reverse, there are numerous faith-based institutions that are a force for good in the world. This is not about that.

This about giving my kids an opportunity to experience the spiritual freedom that I didn’t have as a child. I don’t attend church, but my kids do attend church on occasion with other family members. When they go, it is because they want to, not because they have to. If they find him a church pew, I embrace it. If they find him in a Buddhist temple, I embrace it.This is a sharp departure from how I grew up.

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