How You Know When He’s Just Not That Into You

October 10, 2013  |  
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We all know someone who’s dating a man who just isn’t interested. But instead of coming clean and setting her free, he’ll keep stringing her along. In that case, a little real talk and a few clear clues can help. If we’ve missed any tips that clued you in that the man in your life could care less, let us know in the comments.

He’s a Vampire

At least you’re pretty sure because you only see him at night. And those dates go straight from the club to the crib. Most late-night relationships are about booty calls, not building something.

He Never Talks About His Feelings

He’s always down to “just chill” because “we’re having fun” and “she’s cool”. Press him to talk about his feelings and he’ll freeze up.

You’ve Never Met His Friends

He’s always out with his “boys” but you’ve never met them. And the longer he keeps you away, the more you wonder what he’s hiding: is it them or you?

He’s Not “Ready” to Get “Serious”

Men say that when they haven’t met the woman they’re considering getting serious with. Take this as a clear sign that it’s time to move on.

He’s the Busiest Man in America

He must be, because you rarely ever see him. He says he has other commitments, but unless he works 80 hours a week he could spend more than one evening a week with you. He just doesn’t.

You Don’t Get Any Prime Time Play

When all your dates take place during weekday lunch or Tuesday evening, something’s up. And even when you do squeeze him in to those odd times, he’s always late.

There’s Zero PDA

When you go out together, you look like friends. And when you do get close, he looks around and gets nervous. Maybe he doesn’t like showing affection in public…or maybe he’s just not that interested in getting close with you.

All Your Dates Are Last Minute

He won’t make plans more than 24 hours in advance. And sometimes he calls you a few hours before he wants to go out. He may be bad at planning. Or, you may be his last resort when his other plans fall through.

He’s In A Hurry to Leave

He’ll hang out before the deed but rarely after it. It’s a classic not-that-into-you move, also known as the bang and bounce.

He Reminds You When You Forgot Something

You can’t leave so much as a bobby pin behind without him running after you to return it. So now you have to pack the big purse when you head over. It’s a subtle sign that he doesn’t want you getting comfortable at his place.

You’re a Social Media Ghost

You keep checking but he doesn’t post pictures of the two of you on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere really. And now that you think about it, he’s not really into taking pictures with you period.

Most of Your Dates Are Dutch

This could just be his dating policy. Or he could be saving his cash for a woman that he’s really into.

You Call Him

And even then, it takes him a while to return your calls.

He Doesn’t Dress Up On Your Dates

Or take you anywhere that requires it. You deserve someone who thinks you’re worth more than the dollar menu.

He’s Critical

From the way you dress to the friends you keep. Nit picking is a clear sign that he’s unhappy in the relationship.

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