Signs Your Man May Be Cheating (That You Often Ignore)

October 10, 2013  |  
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Something’s different. And you have a sneaking suspicion that he’s up to no good. Could he be cheating? We’ve got a few signs that suggest he might be. If we’ve missed any of the breadcrumbs that clued you in, leave ’em in the comments section.

He’s Not Answering the Phone

Or your text messages. He used to pick up on the second ring, now you have to wait hours for him to get back. What was he up to all that time? The excuses are all starting to sound the same.

He’s Distant

Even when you two are hanging together, things aren’t the same. He’s checking his messages and you don’t talk as much. It’s almost like he’s somewhere else.

Suddenly, He’s Looking Better

He used to spend the weekend on the couch. Now he’s hitting the gym and dressing up. He may be on a self-improvement kick. But he may have a new look because he’s back on the market.

You Feel Suspicious

Woman’s intuition is a real thing. Don’t put him out because you feel funny, but pay attention to the feeling. It might be trying to tell you something. And keep in mind that that “something” could be drama from past relationships that makes it hard for you to trust.

His Exes Don’t Trust Him

You know he’s cheated on all of exes — and they can’t believe you’re dating him because he’s a notorious cheater.

He Turns Down Bedroom Business

Suddenly, he’s just not interested. And you’ve heard “Not tonight, I’m tired” way more often than you’re comfortable with.

He’s Suddenly Protective of His Phone

And his laptop now that you think about it. He used to leave them out on the table. Now they’re always in his pocket. Ask to borrow either one and suddenly he seems nervous. What’s really going on?

He’s Got New Bedroom Moves

He’s been circulating the same moves since you met him. But suddenly, there’s a new twist. And just where did he learn it?

You’ve Got Questions, He’s Got Defenses

“Where were you last night?” “Why you all up in my business?”
“I didn’t hear from you all day yesterday.” “Do I have to call in and report every time I go somewhere?

He’s Hiding Bills

Suddenly, he’s the first one to the mailbox to grab any bill that shows who he’s been calling or what he’s been spending his money on. Or maybe you found a new credit card or phone that you knew nothing about. They’re all signs that he has something to hide.

He’s Busy

Weekends used to be your thing. Now he’s suddenly busy on Saturday nights.

It’s Getting Shady

Every now and again, he shades you when you’re out with friends. It sounds like a joke, but there’s a little bite to it. It may be his way of justifying his cheating. If you look like the bad guy, he won’t feel so bad.

He’s Fixating On Your Flaws

Those cute little things he used to love about you? Now they get on his nerves. He may be comparing you to a woman you don’t know about.

He’s Suddenly Sweeter

He never used to buy you flowers or take you to dinner. He could be turning over a new leaf. Or he could be feeling guilty about stepping out. Now he wants to keep you happy.

He’s Name Dropping

He sure is talking about that chick at work a lot. Ask him about it and he’ll say she’s just a friend. She could just be a colleague, but it’s natural to be suspicious of another woman he thinks about. Every day. When he’s with you.

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