“Living Better Now, Coogi Sweater Now:” 15 Labels We Loved To Wear Back In The Day

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Don’t act like you don’t remember wearing Baby Phat jeans with your favorite Coach purse. Yes,we’re talking about back in the day when Rocawear was hot and Nelly blessed us with the famous Apple Bottom jeans. You wouldn’t dare catch us in a track suit or a pair of Timberlands now, but back then you couldn’t tell us we weren’t fly. Click through 15 labels that are now likely buried in the back of your closet somewhere.


Baby Phat

The golden cat symbol of Baby Phat was plastered on just about every girl’s behind in the 2000s. Baby Phat did have it all from the jeans, purses, tops, dresses, swimwear and everything else in between. It was one of the first urban clothing lines for young women that was very popular.


Eckored was the more edgy urban brand for young women with sneakers and sweatsuits. The graffiti art of the clothing gave it a more old-school Hip-hop feel.



The more C’s the better it seemed back when Coach purses were in style. Just about any Coach purse that had the logo all over it was hot back in the day. Young girls and Coach bags literally filled the hallways of high schools across America in the 2000s.


Apple Bottoms

We are forever indebted to Nelly for making the term Apple Bottoms popular and then turning it into a clothing line. Women started to trade in their Baby Phat jeans for Apple Bottoms back then.



If you were wearing Coogi then you were clearly doing something right. Remember when Biggie said, “However living better now, Coogi sweater now. Drop top BM’s, I’m the man girlfriend.” Yes, guys and girls wore Coogi sweaters and dresses in the 1980s into the 90s.


Remember that guy you liked back in high school? Chances are he had at least two Encye hoodies with baggy jeans. Yes the fellas loved them some Encye.


Fila sneakers and sweatsuits were popular among the guys. Celebrity endorsements with Nas added to the brand’s popularity in urban fashion throughout the 80s and 90s.



Remember when LL Cool J was the face of FUBU? Who could forget the “Fatty Girl” video that was basically a FUBU commercial with Ludacris, LL Cool J and Keith Murray. Guys all over were rocking the popular brand of the Hip-hop community.


Marithé + François Girbaud

It seemed like the wider the better was the mantra when it came to Girbauds. Guys wore them in every shade of denim and various label colors. Girbauds and long white tees were definitely in style.


Guess was the top brand for jeans. If that red triangle with Guess in the middle wasn’t on your jeans then they weren’t official. In the 80s and 90s the brand was very popular.


In the 2000s Jay-Z and Dame Dash were the guys on top when it came to Roc-a-fella Records, so Rocawear was a huge success. Guys and girls rocked their sweat suits, jeans, coats, jackets and everything else. Rocawear was the truth back then.



LRG was another popular urban brand that was worn mostly by guys. Their sweat jackets and tee shirts were all over the place. Celebrity endorsements from hip-hop artists like The Roots added to the brand’s longevity.

Phat Farm

Russell Simmons launched Phat Farm in 1992 and it was pretty popular. The preppy style was different from other brands of it’s time.

Tommy Hilfiger

In the 90s, Tommy Hilfiger was an extremely popular brand among guys and girls. Celebrities from Aaliyah, Snoop Dogg to Tyrese all wore the famous brand. And so did you more than likely.



Now we all know you had at least one pair of Timberland boots. No other brand could beat out Timberland because the whole family wore them. Your mom, dad, aunt and little cousins all had a pair of these.

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