The Untold Story Of A Queer Woman Of Color: Q&A With Filmmaker JD Walker

October 11, 2013  |  

MN: Why are voices like the central character’s important both in real-life and on-the-screen?

Walker: “The most predominant images we see on screen are images of ourselves as victims and don’t have voice. We don’t have depth. We don’t even have a history or a culture. We have no back story. Largely, when we see images of ourselves on screen we are objectified.”

MN: How could this film and central character change the down-low stigma as a black male thing?

Walker: “It is important to address… there are those in down-low community… [that] deliberately put people at risk while disregarding the other person’s health, the other person’s psychosocial development. And there are other people who are really transitioning and don’t have the support from their community or family for multiple reasons. In The Postwoman, the character is not on the down low. So that’s a stigma we need to knock out of the box now. She is rather on a journey to really become herself…”

MN: How could this film and central character even break down stereotypes and negative perceptions of homosexuality and that down-low stigma?

Walker: “We are all human beings and we all have diverse stories and diverse background. When we begin to see more stories about all of us on screen, we begin to recognize each other’s humanity.”

MN: How can the black community get better at dealing with LGBT issues?

Walker: “We need to have more dialogue about our diverse sexualities and about all these taboo things in the community we are not willing to talk about.”

MN: How did you start to finance the film and how did kickstarter come into play?

Walker: “We had a really good Kickstarter team. Nobody really knew how to run a crowdfunding campaign. So I really had to take that crowdfunding campaign by the helm and really just try to send it out to the press. That was the way we decided to raise funds for our feature film. And we met our Kickstarter goal. And now we’re just trying to raise the additional funds so we can begin filming.”

MN: What was the process like in casting the film?

Walker after seeing Margaret Kemp on screen: “She’s going to be the lead. She’s going to be The Postwoman.
MN: When is the film being released?

Walker: “We plan to begin filming in 2014. I hope to have a rough cut complete before summer.”

Walker says she’s raising more funds for the production, which might be shot throughout 2014. Her ultimate goal is to create a romantic drama for queer women of color to see themselves represented on screen. Be on the look out for the update. 

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