MN Business Tip Of The Day: Cure Your Procrastination Disease

September 30, 2013  |  

Let’s face it: we’re human… we all waste some time during the day. Anything less would make us robots and we’re still a ways from the mythic robot-human hybrid. The trick is to honestly evaluate your work habits. From there you can begin to identify where and how to use your time more efficiently.

Try these few things to get you a lot closer to getting that project done:

Don’t believe the hype; multitasking is a myth. Only two percent of the population can do it successfully. You will work quicker–and more accurately–by focusing on one task at a time. Set a goal of working on one important item for 30 full minutes at a stretch.

Smartphones are great for keeping us connected, not so great for keeping us focused on work. Every flash, whistle, ding, and beep distracts us from the project at hand. Yes your friend’s new baby is “too cute!” But will saying it at 5pm instead of during the workday crush the newborn’s self-esteem? Probably not. Turn off your phone alerts and begin training yourself to respond at certain times of the day.

Email: Just as bad as the smartphone. STAY AWAY! Your email inbox is where time goes to get lost, never to be heard from again. According to a recent survey most people spend almost 10 minutes responding to an email and take another 15 minutes to get back to work. Filters like and SaneBox can help you sort your emails so you don’t waste time on the non-essentials. While site-blocking tools that let you visit, but only stay a certain amount of time like StayFocused can help you manage the looming vortex known as the Internet.

For more on how to avoid procrastination, check out these tips.

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