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After Wendy Williams delivered an epic rant about Chris Brown at the beginning of the week, she is back with a few words for folks like Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake, who she feels misappropriate black culture. The only difference is, black folks actually gave Justin Timberlake a pass, while Miley is just trying way too hard to look and be down, according to Williams. During yesterday’s “Hot Topics,” she spoke on how used to watching white folks steal from black culture she is, and why Cyrus needs to take it down quite a few notches. It all started after she read one of Cyrus’ quotes from the recent issue of Rolling Stone that she covered, where she was claiming that she’s not trying to be black, or use black people to appear cool:

“I don’t keep my producers or dancers around ’cause it makes me look cool. Those aren’t my accessories. They’re my homies.”

And here’s Wendy’s two cents on Ms. Miley and that statement:

“Some say Miley tries to appropriate black culture and use black background dancers like props. Um, I would agree. I mean, it doesn’t bother me beause I’m just so used to it on account of the world around us.

White people, take this in the best way. Some of you have been appropriating my people’s culture longer than many of us have been alive. Why back in the day, there was Chuck Berry and Little Richard. Their styles were stolen and given to, say it with me, Elvis. Elvis is the one who went on and made all the money and became like the king of the world. The other two? Not as big. It happens. It happened with rap music, it’s happened when Justin Timberlake came out–I think black people gave Justin Timberlake a pass because Justin Timberlake wasn’t trying so hard. It was just the soulful way that he was. It wasn’t like an affectation of silliness. The thing is, when young white people do the “black thing,” these same young white people grow up to be middle aged white people, they take off the whole black accessory thing and they become white again. You understand what I’m saying? And I watch this happen, I grew up in a very mixed community, I watch my son now with his friends, and you know, white girls loving up little black Kev [laughs], and his white friends sagging lower than my son could ever sag and yo yo yo-ing and stuff. Yeah Miley, I see it. You can’t pick up black and put it down. Black is something that you are and it is. That’s all.”

This is just the week of misappropriation talk on our site, huh? But seriously, let us know what you think of Wendy’s comments below, and check out her thoughts for yourself below. She talks about Miley around the 3:00 mark.


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