A Few Things You Can Learn From Dating Mr. Wrong

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A lot of women complain and mope about the amount of time and energy, and sometimes even money, that they have wasted on dates that never pan out to anything. Sadly, failed dates are all part of the dating game, and like most situations, there are some goods that can come out of dating Mr. Wrong. So when a date doesn’t go as planned or when a relationship ends at the first date, don’t take it to heart. Here are 14 things you can learn from Mr. Wrong.

You further solidify what you do want

Obviously, once you’ve dated Mr. Wrong, you’re more likely to come to even more solid conclusions as to what you need and want in a man. Maybe after dating this guy you’ve realized that men your age just may not be for you, or maybe you realized that you’re really set on finding a man who is career-oriented. Dating the wrong men can narrow down your must-haves in the right man.

You know what you don’t want

At the same time, dating Mr. Wrong can also solidify the list of things that you don’t want in a man. So you tested the water and dated a man from another city and you realized that distance just isn’t your thing. Now you know.

You get some dating experience

At the end of the day, no matter if there’s only one date or if there’s five, you’re still able to get some dating experience out of the whole thing. The more men you date, the better dater you become as well. Even bad dates can provide you with a good learning experience.

You learn more about yourself

While dating involves two people, dating allows you learn a lot more about yourself. Maybe you realized that you’re more spontaneous than you first thought or maybe you learned that you’re willing to go on a scary rollercoaster, though you never would have in the past.

The chance to date someone outside of “your type”

Though Mr. Wrong may not have been your man of choice, sometimes it’s nice to date someone outside of your normal type of man. Dating outside of your type gives you a chance to learn and try new things, and it also gives you a new outlook on dating and men as a whole.

You’ll gain some confidence

Dating in itself can do damage and one of the places where it can hit is personal confidence levels. Though the date may not have gone as planned, and while this man may have turned out to be Mr. Wrong, pride in the fact that you are a single woman in the dating scene rather than on the sidelines.

You learn to say “no” a lot less harshly

Some women feel horribly about having to tell a guy that while the date was good, things shouldn’t progress any further. Saying no to a man is a hard task for most women. Other women who have no problem with saying no tend to do so in a harsh way. Dating Mr. Wrong can teach a woman the value of saying no as well as learning how to say no without being so harsh.

You learn to hear and accept “no”

Just as saying no to someone can be hard, hearing the word no can be even harder to accept. However, if a man turns out to be Mr. Wrong, there may be times when he is the one to cut ties and call off any future dates. Though for some women this can be confidence breaking, take it as a learning experience. Hearing no allows you to accept the feeling and move on rather than be strung along.

A new appreciation for time

After dating Mr. Wrong, you get a bigger appreciation for time and life itself. Perhaps you’ve been putting dating off, assuming when you’re ready to jump back into things it’ll be a piece of cake. A bad partner can make you realize time is of the essence and you don’t want to waste any more time on men who aren’t for you — or sitting on the sidelines. That is a major blessing.

You gain more trust in your judgement

When you go on a date with Mr. Wrong, you may not follow what your heart and gut are telling you, even if you know from the get-go this man isn’t the one for you. By dating Mr. Wrong, you’re able to further appreciate and trust your own judgement when it comes to choosing a man and you’re more likely to listen to that little voice inside in the future to avoid being in a relationship with a Mr. Wrong.

You learn to let go and just have fun

When you’re on a date with a guy who just isn’t your type, you’re actually able to relax. No longer do you have the pressure of trying to impress someone because, well, you don’t care to at this point. When you can just chill and be your natural self, odds are the night won’t be a total bust.

New experiences

After every date, you can successfully say that you’ve experienced something new. Each date with a man, no matter if he’s Mr. Wrong or Mr. Right, provides you with a new experience. You may not want to date someone who sky dives or eats exotic food every time you dine, but that one date can make for a heck of a story down the line.

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