Cubicle Confessions: I Dated A Co-worker…

September 24, 2013  |  
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Cubicle Confessions is a new MN Business column bringing you real-life office horror stories from MadameNoire readers. This week’s topic is dating/hooking up with a co-worker. Have you done it and would you do it again?

Zenaida TheStylist Nunnery: The guy I met, he was cool in the beginning but he was deep into himself and appearance, turned out he was a “Needy Ned.” When we broke up he begged and begged for me to come back and was always popping up at my desk with flowers so I had to be transferred to a different location.

Camille Kenney: No, I have not. Too incestuous to dip your pen and Company Ink… And messy….

Lisa Osborne: Yes. My boss. And hindsight being 20/20 I wish I had continued. I had job security then and I’m unemployed now. I’d much rather be working.. and by any means it takes ‘cuz it would be better than relying on the government for assistance. Just saying..

LaShanna Cates: yes and hellll naw never again, my love never again. I refuse to let love mess my paper up….

Chardonnay Jackson I have and I’ll NEVER do it again. One of the pen*ses I regret. REGRET. The pen*s we don’t speak of.

Sharese Hardaway: Yes!! Just celebrated 3 months together!

Sonja Miller: My grandmother used to always say “don’t dip yo pen in the ink you work with.” Did I listen…no..will I do it again. …HECK NAW

Scooter Phoenix: Yes, my husband. I’ll NEVER sh** where I eat EVER again. I got lucky.

Yalonda Red Riding Hood: Of course he was young , dumb and full of c*m.. We worked together, then he was at my house every day; too much for me, had to let him go.

Tiffany Martinez No, never have, never will. I like to keep work and home apart. If it doesn’t work out, you still gotta go to work.

Nakia Dawn Whittaker: Yes a svc vendor and he was crazy. Held me in his apartment for 3hrs had to call uncle for help.

Hannah Elisabeth: Yes. He became jealous of every male that came by my cube, it was crazy!

Kc Elizabeth Loftus: Yesss. Absolutely Exciting & Dreadful at the Same Damn time.

Rosa Elisa Drake-Tate: Yes, we were hot & heavy for quite a while. And it was exciting while it lasted. I wouldn’t do it again, though, this person & I had a terrific connection and friendship that happens once in a lifetime.

Tamara Lee Heck: Yea! Working at Sears in HR and he was a manager. That was an exciting and dangerous moment. LOL the things we do when we’re young!!!

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