Love Is Blind, But I’m Not Crazy: 8 Things I Will Never Compromise For A Relationship

September 30, 2013  |  
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While I’m not especially happy with my long-term single status, I’m still not to the point where I’m desperate and hopefully will never get there. However, the older I’ve gotten and the longer I’ve remained single, there are some things that I’ve decided to cross off of my “mandatory man” checklist and opt for more obtainable traits.

Basically, I’ve decided not to be so darn picky; but let’s not get it twisted. While I am open to re-evaluating my checklist, there are some things that are simply not up for compromise. And while every woman will have her own set of non-compromising things, we all need them to ensure we don’t lose ourselves in a relationship or set ourselves up for disaster.  Here are a few things that I believe should never be compromised for the sake of a relationship.

1. My Spiritual Beliefs

If I’m not Buddhist before you, at this stage in my life, I’m not ready to replace my prayers for chants at this point. This is not to knock any spiritual belief. The same applies to all religions. If you are comfortable with who or what you believe in, you shouldn’t feel obligated to change that for the sake of a relationship.

Now, if you believe in nothing and someone wants to introduce you to their religion, that’s different; but never should you feel it mandatory to believe in what someone else believes simply to keep the relationship going.

2. My Family

Family is an extremely important part of my life. If a man doesn’t accept my family, he’s basically saying he doesn’t accept me. In no way should I have to choose family over a man and vice versa. Sure there are times when I can’t attend all family events due to prior commitments with my guy; but never should there be an ultimatum of man over my blood.

3. My Friends

If they were there before him and there haven’t been any issues, then I plan to keep them when I’m with him, and possibly after him. I am a girl’s girl. I feel rejuvenated after girl talk with my friends. And there are things that I can talk to my girls about that I can’t talk to my man about, usually they involve him and his behavior. Still, these conversations are needed. And if my guy doesn’t understand my girl time, then there will be a hindrance in our relationship progressing.

4. My Dreams and Aspirations

There is nothing like a dream deferred, especially if it’s because someone else caused the deferment. A relationship should make you better. not worse. A man that can’t support my dreams is a man that shouldn’t be in my life. Point. Blank. Period.

5. My Basis For A Family

I want a husband who believes in commitment and values his family. And I want to have kids. If my partner is not interested in this, there is no point in entertaining a relationship.

6. My Self-Esteem

If I feel like less of a person with you, then it’s not healthy. While this seems pretty simple, most of us stay longer than necessary in a relationship because we usually blame ourselves for someone else abusing our self-esteem. And while it’s true that it is considered ‘self’ esteem and you are in control of it, if a relationship proves toxic to my self-confidence, then it’s definitely not something that I want to remain in.

7. My Core Values:

There are certain values and morals that we’ve all acquired over the years. They are the things that make us who we are. To leave them behind would be leaving a part of ourselves behind for someone else.

8. My Physical Health

This is a no-brainer. If a man hits me, I can’t stay. Even if I love him, fear of what could happen wouldn’t let me stay.

While every woman will differ on what she will or will not compromise for a relationship, I think every woman should have a clear idea of what those things are. So ladies, what are some things you absolutely wouldn’t feel comfortable compromising for a relationship?

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