Posted Up In The Back: Music Group Members Who Never Got To Shine

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Not all music group members are created equal. Some of them hogged the lime light while others had a permanent place in the back of the stage. Did we miss any of your favorite underrated music group members? Let us know in the comments section!

The N’Sync Extras

N’Sync is all about Justin, Joey and JC. When the reunion rolled around, we realized we forgot about Chris Kirkpatrick and Lance Bass — mostly because they spent N’Sync’s career as glorified backup dancers.

The Other Backstreet Boys

Name all the Backstreet Boys? Uh…A. J., Nick, Brian…um…and those other two dudes. Their names are actually Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson, but nobody cares.

The Other Two Degrees

98 Degrees is basically Drew and Nick Lachey — because who wants to look at Justin and Jeffre when the gorgeous Lachey brothers are around.

DeVante’s Little Brother

Remember when Mr. Dalvin fell off the stage? That wasn’t even the low point of his career. He was always the most unnecessary member of Jodeci. K-Ci and JoJo had the pipes. DeVante Swing wrote and produced the songs. Mr. Dalvin was just DeVante’s little brother tagging along for the ride.

Latocha’s Sister

Tamika Scott spent so little time in the lime, we can barely remember what she looks like. While Kandi, Tiny and LaTocha had the pipes, Tamika posted up and theoretically added some unnecessary harmony in the back. They may as well have been a trio.

The Sixth Jackson

Randy Jackson was definitely the dud of the Jackson 5. He wasn’t even part of the original group. The youngest Jackson brother joined the group after Michael moved on and now he’s most famous for sharing a baby mama with Jermaine.

The Other Jagged Edges

Jagged Edge should have just been Brandon and Brian Casey. Kyle Norman just gave them enough members to be a group. And we can thank Kandi Burruss for recommending Wingo’s useless self to the group.

The Not So Destined Children

Mr. Knowles didn’t like sharing Beyonce’s shine with anyone. LaTavia and LaToya were replaced without notice and Farrah Franklin went from being an extra in “Bills, Bills, Bills” to being one of their replacements. It didn’t last long though and she was added to the many Destiny’s Child members Beyonce shed on her way to the top.

The Other Brownstones

Brownstone was really all about Nicci Gilbert. Which is a shame because Charmayne had pipes. She just never got the chance to pipe up. We’d complement MiMi too, but we can’t remember hearing her sing. She left the group in 1995 after getting a case of bronchitis, flipped the script and became a teacher.


Pras may be the most useless group member of all time. The Fugees was made up of superstar hit makers Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean. We imagine they just kept Pras around so Wyclef’s wife wouldn’t get suspicious. We cringe every time Pras’ verses come on. And while Wyclef and Lauryn went on to great solo careers, Pras’ solo albums were really hard to listen to.

Prince Be’s Brother

We don’t know why Prince Be wasn’t a solo artist. All his brother Jarret did was snap his fingers in the background and sing “oooh”.

Florence Ballard

Florence Ballard’s story is one of the saddest in group extra history. Her story was immortalized in Dream Girls as “Effie White.” After she was dropped from the Supremes, she struggled with alcoholism, depression and poverty until she finally died of cardiac arrest at 32 — right when she was beginning to make her comeback.

Everyone Else in Immature

Batman was definitely the Beyonce of the group. Romeo was the eye candy and we still don’t really know what LDB was doing there.

Poor Ricky Bell didn’t even get to take part in the group rap on “Cool It Now”. He spent his New Edition career as a background member and he’s the only one who’s career didn’t really move on since his boy group days.

The Other Colors

For a long time, I thought Color Me Badd was just the two white guys. But if I could’ve stopped drooling over Bryan Abrams and Mark Calderon I would’ve noticed that the dude with the Yanni hair and the token black guy were singing harmonies in the background.

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