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We all love our friends…just not all the time. These shady friend moves get on our nerves, test our patience and sometimes make us reevaluate our friendships. If you’ve got a shady friend story, leave it in the comments.

Being The Miserable Friend Who Loves Company

It’s lonely over there at the singles table. And when you complain about your significant other she’s got one line: “get rid of him girl.” Soon you’ll both be alone…until she finds a man and gets ghost.

Pulling A Disappearing Act

She’s your best friend, there with you through thick and then. That is, until she gets a man. Now the only time you hear from her is when they fall out.

Being A Crab In A Bucket

She says she’s excited about your new promotion, but there’s something funny about her smile. And when it’s time to celebrate, she’s suddenly busy.

Being Messy

She talks mess about everyone else you know. And you’ve got a sneaking suspicion that you’re included on that list. The last time you told her something in confidence, someone you barely know repeated it a few days later.

Being The Debbie Downer

Everybody has problems. But this friend wears them on her sleeve. She’s always frowning and complaining. And every time you hang out, your day feels a little darker.

It’s All About Her, Her, Her, Her, Her

This friend isn’t happy unless she’s the center of attention. If she doesn’t feel properly adored at a party, you both have to go home because she drove.

So You Really Let Her Leave The House Like That?

We don’t have any friends this shady, but we’ve all seen a girl in a group of friends and wondered who let her leave the house like that.

Being A Chronic Borrower

It’s just $20. But those little loans are starting to add up. She never has money to pay you back, but she’s rocking new shoes the next time she forgets her wallet.

Being The Constant Jokester

She’s your funniest friend. But sometimes her jokes are at your expense. And if you have the nerve to get mad, she accuses you of getting sensitive. Joke about her personal business and you won’t hear from her for three days.

Getting Tit But Giving No Tat

You gave her a place to stay when things got rough at home. Now you need to borrow her car and she’s not returning your messages.

Being Too Needy

This friend is like a part time job. You spend hours on the phone hearing about her bad boss, inconsiderate boyfriend and the rude barista at Starbucks. Seeing her name on the caller ID is enough to make you need a nap.

Being A Little Too Flirty

Does she really have to sit so close to your crush? And why is she cheesing so much. She’s never made a move on your man, but for some reason you just don’t trust her.

Throwing Secret Shade

This move is also known as the compli-sult. There’s something about the way she says “Oh, I like those shoes.” That makes you want to go back home and change.

Being Too Competitive

Friendship isn’t supposed to be a competition, but she’s always trying to one-up you. Your mama getting on your nerves? Her mama’s worse. Lose ten pounds? Ten more and you’ll be able to wear her jeans.

Being A Monopolizer

Every time you talk, it’s all about her. You spent Tuesday and Wednsday night on her issues. Now that you’ve finally got some news, she’s suddenly busy.

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