Julie Chen Talks About The Plastic Surgery She Got For The Sake Of Her Career

September 12, 2013  |  

The women of “The Talk” are something else right? Last week Sheryl Underwood came under fire for her natural hair comments. And now this week, the women of “The Talk” are sharing their secrets. Sharon Osbourne revealed that she and Jay Leno used to have a little thang. (Sex included.) We reported earlier today that Aisha Tyler talked about her issues with infertility. And yesterday, was Julie’s turn to share her secret.

In an emotional story, Chen reveals that when she was working at ABC as a desk assistant in the ’90’s her boss told her “you will never be on this anchor desk because you’re Chinese.”

Can we stop right there? Can you imagine hearing that type of blatant racism. Chen explained that her boss said that because their audience in Dayton, Ohio was predominately white and not Asian, they wouldn’t be able to relate to her conveying a news story. Julie realized that she had to leave that job because clearly her boss was a backwards thinking idiot.

So she went to another agent. This one told her that while she was good at what she did, he couldn’t represent her unless she got plastic surgery to make her eyes look bigger.

After much deliberation, so much that Chen says it split her family in two, she decided to have the surgery. She posted this before and after picture to show the affect of the surgery.

Her co-stars had this to say in response.

Sheryl: “You didn’t do that. You made a choice that was good for you and you have represented people, you’ve represented your race, you’ve represented women and your colleagues. Don’t look back.”

Sharon: “Fabulous! I think it was the right thing to do.”

Sara: “I think you were beautiful before, you are beautiful now and it’s really whatever makes you happy.”

Aisha sat there, completely engrossed in Julie’s words, hands clasped, giving her sympathetic eyes.

When the before and after image came up, Julie said that you can see how in the after shot, her eyes are wider and look more expressive. And she admitted that after the surgery her career took off.

My only thought after seeing this was dang! I mean, I agree with Sara she looked good before and she looks good after. I’m typically anti plastic surgery, but I’m not crazy enough to say that the doctor didn’t do a good job. He or she did. Even though her face before was less European looking, it was still attractive. What I find so tragic about this situation is that she was even asked to consider it in the first place, not once but twice. It made me wonder how many other Asian journalists endured this same type of treatment in the past and if the higher ups in newsrooms are still asking Asian journalists to surgical alter their eye lids today. It’s terribly sad. And I can certainly understand why she would struggle with the decision. I know there have to be some days where she wonders whether or not she could have made it to this position without the surgery at all. Either way, surgery or not, Chen has still shed light on a very important issue in the Asian community and given the next generation of Asian journalists, and really all of us, something to think about in the ways intolerance and racism still permeate in our society.

Watch Julie talk about her surgery in the clip on the next page.

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