Thank God You Blew It: Breakups We’re Sure These Women Don’t Regret

September 13, 2013  |  
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Wale said it best when he rapped, “Breaking up is hard, to move along, it’s even harder…” He’s right. Breakups aren’t fun. But once your mind is clear of the emotions that once clouded it, you’ll wake up one day and ask yourself, “What was I thinking?!” Clearly, that man (in these cases) was not for me. It’s happened to us and it’s certainly been the case for these celebs as well. Check out the list of women who probably aren’t pining over their lost loves.

Eve and Stevie J

It’s no secret that Eve is glad to be done with Stevie J. After his rise to fame on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” people starting putting two and two together and then the questions came. In addition to admitting that Stevie J was her first love and a learning experience, she also said that Stevie J couldn’t even see the woman she is today. Well amen! On “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” we’ve seen on many occasions that Stevie J is, simply, not an honorable type of dude. Eve can do better and thankfully she did…a billionaire to be exact. She wins.

Mary and K-Ci

When you have a man that won’t even claim you?! It’s pretty much a wrap on any type of relationship that may be budding. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, there was a time when Mary was running around telling folk she and K-Ci were engaged, meanwhile he was asserting that he was single…on television. Then there was the abuse. And let’s not forget the fact that with Mary’s troubles with alcoholism, there was no need for these two to be together. Mary’s career went on to soar while K-Ci kind of drifted into obscurity, struggling with his addictions. Today, Mary is “Just Fine” with her seemingly supportive husband Kendu.

Ciara and Bow Wow

Man! I’m not going to lie, back in the day Bow Wow’s name was hot in the streets. So it only makes sense that he would be dating the hottest starlet in his age range: Ciara. We don’t know the details behind their breakup but we do know that afterwards Bow Wow, desperate to remain relevant and prove that he was an adult, started completely wylin’. He released trash music, talked tackily about all the women he’d slept with and skipped out on child support payments. Meanwhile Ciara was able to maintain her relevance with hits like “Ride,” “Promise,” “Love, Sex Magic” and most recently “Body Party.” Though Ciara had some struggle relationships (50 Cent?!), when she appeared on 106 & Park, the show Bow Wow is currently hosting, she looked hawt and Bow looked like…her son.

Tina and Ike

Whew Jesus! Sure, Ike is the reason we know Anna Mae Bullock but the hell he put her through is sickening to say the least. Her accounts of him raping her, beating her and attempting to psychologically abuse her are hard to even believe. But while Ike thought he was the one who would go on to be successful, “all these people are here [for Tina].” No doubt, his musical legacy is impressive but after Tina, Ike struggled to make it as a solo artist, ending up in jail at one point for drug possession. Tina went on to tour the world, move to Switzerland and marry her beau of 27 years.

Kim and Ray J

We know that Kim has been on the climb for a while now. And there’s always a bottom rung. Ray J is that dude. I don’t know Kim and I can’t recall her speaking about her relationship with Ray J but I’m sure with him releasing songs like “I Hit It First” she’s probably wondering what she was thinkin’ ’bout and thanking her lucky stars that she’s moved on to athletes, reality tv stardom and of course a beautiful daughter with musical genius Kanye West.

Janet and James DeBarge

This is what happens when you’re trying to be grown. At 18 years old, Janet thought she and James were ready to walk down that aisle and make things official. Though they were married in 1984, they divorced and then their marriage was annulled in 1985. Perhaps she didn’t know that the DeBarge family has a history of addiction issues. Unfortunately, James was no exception. He struggled with drugs and is currently incarcerated for drug charges and assault with a deadly weapon. Meanwhile, Janet went on to a long term relationship with producer J.D. and now a marriage to business tycoon, Wissam Al Mana.

Amber Rose and Kanye

I know, you’re probably thinking I just commended Kim for landing Kanye. But Kanye is an upgrade for Kim. In Amber Rose’s case,  we saw how hurtful her breakup with Kanye was. And though it might have been a rough healing process, now that she’s married to Wiz Khalifa and has an adorable son, she truly seems happy. Considering the way Kanye is out here fighting paparazzi, releasing questionable music and sounding unrecognizable in interviews, we’re sure she’s happy their relationship ended when it did.

Vivica Fox and 50 Cent

Did anyone else see Vivica Fox get on “The Mo’Nique Show” and cry about her relationship with 50 Cent? I truly felt sorry for her but there was no doubt in my mind that she’d look back on that breakup and thank the Lord God above that she and 50–or Curtis as she called him– are no longer together. Let me just make it plain: the man is a jerk. I’ve felt this way for some time though I didn’t always have proof to back it up. But just a few months ago, 50 proved me right in the horrible text messages he exchanged between his son. Vivica might not be in a relationship right now, we don’t even know if she’s happy right now but being away from a man who would text his own flesh and blood like that is certainly a good thing.


Shellie and George Zimmerman

And now for the grand finale. I don’t know Shellie but judging by some of the stunts her husband, George Zimmerman, has been pulling for years now, I’d bet that she’s wanted to break free long ago. I highly doubt this gun waving, threatening incident is the first time he’s acted a fool in their marriage. The man is crazy. Though their relationship is not legally over yet, we’re sure when it is, Shellie will be enjoying the quality of her life a little bit better…if her husband doesn’t have the opportunity to come after her again.


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