Juror B29 Returns To Comment On Zimmerman Domestic Abuse Drama And Her Critics

September 12, 2013  |  

Just when you thought she had said everything she needed to say, juror B29, aka, “Maddy,” has returned to share more of her feelings about George Zimmerman now that he’s found himself in a domestic dispute with his soon-to-be ex-wife, Shellie. Maddy went to PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton to give her two cents on that drama, as well as to answer the question of why she didn’t do more to put George Zimmerman away and stand her ground about his guilt as a juror during his trial. As she says, “the more we think about what I could have done, we’re wasting more time.”

On his wife Shellie’s frantic 911 call:

“I believe that his wife, she knows exactly what George Zimmerman is capable of doing. Maybe she must have been more fearful because she knows that the truth is, someone got killed a couple of years ago over probably his anger or probably over the situation that went about it. So when she’s calling and she’s stating that he has a gun, she sounds like she’s fearful, like she knows what he’s capable of.

On Zimmerman’s lack of remorse: 

“I believe that George Zimmerman has been smiling since the first day he came out the courtroom…In my heart, to me, it’s like a mockery. He’s not feeling bad–I can’t say how he feels–but he’s just not showing any remorse of anything that went on with the situation with Trayvon Martin. I believe I heard a little bit of the wife’s story where she expressed that he feels he’s invincible. It’s very hard to be one of the persons that had to deal with the deliberation and had to deal with him being free right now. Just to know that in my heart, you feel that a person is guilty but when it comes down to the law they give you so much to work with, you know, it makes me feel worse the more I hear about George Zimmerman coming out on TV. Cause I feel like he’s becoming a superstar.”

On not going with her heart but what the law said in her “not guilty” decision: 

“The grey area there was that there was a set of laws given to six individuals. You have women that are more educated and have been around people who are lawyers reading these laws. Yes, the jurors all worked together. We looked at the evidence and the evidence was just not there. And by the law the way it was read to me, it shows there was no evidence to charge him guilty. If I go with my heart, which was one of the things the lawyers said we couldn’t do, was go with our heart and we couldn’t assume and no what ifs, since I couldn’t do that, I had to go by what the law said and the law said he was not guilty.”

How she feels months later: 

“It hurts, it hurts me a lot. It bothers me because you go right back to the stories where the people are saying ‘you could have changed,’ ‘you could have done,’ and it’s going back to making me think more and trying to figure out what I could have done. But to be honest with you, the more we think about what I could have done, we’re wasting more time. I want to know what we should do now. What could I do to help to change the law? What could I do to change the situation so that it doesn’t happen to another child? I can’t continue to give George Zimmerman all that power where he continues and everybody keeps talking about him. Let’s talk about what we can do to change, to make a difference… 

I struggle every day. I’m not speaking for the other jurors, but my assumption is that everybody has moved on. I remember the first day they asked me, ‘is this going to be a hardship?’ No one explained to me that after I left that place that I wasn’t going to be able to have my life back. And people continue to say ‘you want your 15 minutes of fame,’ this isn’t something you want to be famous about. What I am proud of is that I stood by what I decided because it was given to me as it was read to me. If it was the jurors’ fault, if it was the judge’s fault, or whoever’s fault it was, it was the way the law was read to me…I’ve always said, George Zimmerman is a murderer, he killed Trayvon Martin, but only one person knows and the only person that’s going to deal with it is God…all we can do is let him fall on his own.”

What she would ask Zimmerman if she could:

“I would really like to ask George Zimmerman if he’s happy. I mean, are you happy? Because I don’t understand how someone can continue to keep a smile like that with all the hurt he’s caused.”

Check out video of Maddy’s interview on the next page and let us know what you think about her statements.

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