You Nasty! Unsanitary Things People Do That Are Just Plain Uncouth

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We all have our own little habits that we try to keep to ourselves and do only in the privacy of our own homes, but there are some things people do, whether it be at home or out in public, that are downright unsanitary and just plain uncouth.

Sharing Toothbrushes

One of the worst things to share with a family or loved one is a toothbrush. The adult mouth contains anywhere between 500 to 1,000 types of bacteria at any given time. And that does not include the millions of germs living there as well. Or the food particles unseen to the human eye that now call that very same toothbrush you want to borrow home. If you forget yours at home during an overnight stay, you may be tempted to share one but be forewarned. A quick run to the store may be inconvenient at first but it beats transferring particles from someone’s steak dinner they had last week into your mouth.

Men Spitting

Why do men spit so often? While saliva gathering in the mouth may be a natural bodily function, little gobbets of bubbly mucus filled spit does not have to litter the streets and sidewalks like land mines. Besides being completely gross, disgusting and totally unnecessary, it is also unhygienic. Diseases such as influenza, tuberculosis and the common cold can be released into the air after an infected person spits onto the ground. Men, and the offending women out there who are just as guilty, can do their part by keeping their germs to themselves until they’re able to spit into a napkin or trash bin like the rest of the civilized people.

Men Adjusting Themselves

Has this ever happened to you: A very attractive man catches your attention but before you can make eye contact with him, he takes his hand, reaches down, cocks one leg slightly to the side and adjusts himself? The act is so second nature, most men aren’t even aware that their hands are hanging down by the equator. Although it is certainly understandable why men have to constantly adjust their junk, it wouldn’t hurt to be a little more discreet when re-arranging the family jewels.

Pre-Chewing Your Child’s Food

Most people know her as the self-centered air-headed teenager in the cult classic movie Clueless, but actress Alicia Silverstone recently raised eyebrows when she revealed she chews her child’s food before he eats it. Silverstone posted a video of herself chewing food for her ten-month old son Bear before spitting it into his mouth. While this is not a new practice and has been used to help a baby ween off of breastfeeding or a bottle, it is gross, not to mention unhygienic. The adult mouth contains up to one thousand different kinds of bacteria and that can potentially expose a baby to hundreds of germs its tiny body is not prepared to defend off just yet. Leave the pre-chewing for the birds, people.

Suck Dirt Off Of A Pacifier And Giving It Back To Your Child

Who hasn’t seen a child spit out or throw its pacifier down on the ground only to have the parent pick it up, suck the dirt off and place it back into the fussy child’s mouth? Nobody wants to hear a fussy baby, but instead of using your mouth as a sink, here’s a novel idea: Why not wipe the pacifier off on a napkin or towel? Most people traveling with a baby will likely be carrying a baby bag anyway, which should obviously have something to use for just such a situation like this. Of course there are millions and millions of germs on the ground or sidewalk and no one wants a baby to suck on a pacifier that fell in the same spot where Fido relieved himself ten minutes ago but the germs you’re trying to prevent your child from ingesting are now in your mouth that you will use to kiss your baby, adding to the millions of germs already in your mouth so how sanitary is that?

Using Handkerchiefs

Using handkerchiefs is a throwback to a time when men used pocket watches and laid their jackets down over a puddle so his female companion wouldn’t ruin her shoes. Most old habits have gone the way of the dinosaur and with good reason. While some may yearn for a time when men were more chivalrous to women, no one wants to watch a man take out a used handkerchief, use it again, and stuff it right back into his pocket. At what point has the handkerchief had enough? After two uses? Five? Ten? And that same handkerchief cleans the nose and wipes the forehead? While it may be environmentally safe to use one item over and over instead of using a tissue, I’m sure Mother Nature wouldn’t mind if we switched from plastic bags to the reusable grocery bags just so we can use Kleenex and do away with the handkerchiefs once and for all.

Eating On The Train

Morning time commuter trains are filled with passengers trying to get their last minute snooze in before reaching the office while others are ingesting that much needed boost of fuel to deal with complaining clients or a demanding boss. Yes, it is acceptable to have a snack or two on the train but there is a huge difference between eating and snacking on a train. Having little consideration for their fellow commuters, some people are now treating the train like a dining room. Here are a few hints to tell the difference between eating and snacking: if you need a utensil, that is a meal. If you need a drink in between bites, that is a meal. If there is more than one food group in your lap, that is a meal. While breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should never be skipped, it shouldn’t be consumed while on the 7:55AM express train into the city.


Some men like to suck their partners’ toes and there are just as many women out there who certainly would not mind having their big toe in someone’s mouth. While there is someone for everyone, before you pop a toe in your mouth, you might want to consider where that random toe has been. Although most people do not walk around outside barefoot, many people do wear shoes in their homes and they trek the same dirt, grit, dog urine and feces and random spit that is on the sidewalk into their homes then plant a bare foot on those now dirty floors. And there are those that do not actually wash their feet. Just because someone takes a shower does not mean his or her toes have actually been scrubbed clean.

Women that Urinate On Toilet Seats

Normally women are considered the more sanitary gender but when it comes to public restrooms, the fairer sex can be just as nasty as men. One of the most disgusting things a woman can do is walk out of a stall leaving urine all over the seat. Because women squat instead of plopping down on a public toilet seat, it is understandable how there can be some splatter but that’s no excuse for not wiping the urine off of the seat. An extra handful of toilet paper and a quick swipe of the seat before flushing the toilet won’t hurt anyone. But, sadly, far too often urine still remains splattered on the seat of an empty stall. As crazy as it seems, sometimes the men’s restroom will be cleaner than the women’s in a public setting.

Licking Your Fingertips After Eating

Okay, most of us may be guilty of this infraction. We’ve all had a meal that was just so finger-licking good that after the food was gone from our plates, we literally licked our fingers. While that may be okay to do in the confines of our own home when no one is watching us sneak into the kitchen in the middle of the night to scarf down a piece of cold fried chicken, licking your fingertips after enjoying a meal in a public setting is completely unacceptable. Unfortunately, this is a habit that a lot of people have no problem doing out in the open. Stop by any BBQ ribs joint and see how many sauced up fingers get licked clean. As tempting as it may be to want to suck down that last taste of the sweet and tangy barbeque sauce, most eateries supply wetnaps after a meal for a reason. Use them.

Snot Rockets

The summer has come to a close and children across the country have headed back to the classrooms for another school year. With the change in temperature also comes the dreaded flu and cold season. Millions will become infected and will walk around with a runny nose, achy head and sore throat. No one wants to walk around with a mucus-filled nose and congested chest and while most use the proper items to blow their noses, there’s a small but growing group out there that uses nothing but a finger. Leaning to the side and placing one finger over a nostril and blowing really hard into the air is known as a snot rocket. It is done by the extremely uncouth.

Blowing Your Nose At The Table

In these modern times with both parents working outside of the home and with fast food restaurants on every street across the country, few families are sitting down to eat to share a meal together. Because less meals are had at an actual dinner table, the proper manners and etiquettes that would normally be instilled are now becoming extinct. While some rules such as no elbows on the table can be overlooked, there’s one that should still be banned: blowing your nose at the dinner table. There’s nothing worse than enjoying a delicious meal only to have the person next to you decide that moment was the perfect time to blow his nose. A quick trip to the restroom will allow other people at the table to continue their meal without the threat of flying phlegm.

Leaving The Restroom Without Washing Hands

Seinfeld fans can remember the horror Jerry Seinfeld experienced when he visited a restaurant and watched helplessly as the chef who was going to prepare the comedian’s meal used the restroom and exited without washing his hands. While it was just another sunny scene from the show, most restaurant restrooms post a sign that says “All Employees Must Wash Their Hands” for a reason. Employees are not the only ones dashing out of the stalls and walking right past the sink and out of the door. A recent survey revealed that only 80% of people wash their hands after using the bathroom. So that means for every five hands that you shake, one of them is urine-stained. Or for every five waitresses at a restaurant bringing out the food and serving the patrons, one of those plates is just as dirty as the bathroom doorknob.

Clip Nails In Public

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to always look your best. While most people pride themselves on their appearance and can spend a lot of time and money to look just right, most of that primping is done behind closed doors. So when someone pulls a pair of nail clippers out in public to take care of a splitting or hanging nail, most people will give them a rude look. What’s worse is if that nail isn’t on his or her finger but actually on a toe. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep the toenails from turning into eagle’s claws but there’s a time and place for everything and the time and place to clip fingernails and toenails is at home by yourself or at the nail salon when others are wearing the proper utensils to protect their eyes from flying debris.

Floss Your Teeth In Public

Most people know the importance of flossing and lie anyway to their dentists when asked if they actually do it. Surveys show only 49% of Americans floss daily while 10% have never flossed a day in their lives. An essential part of the oral health care routine that should be included is that flossing will help loosen up the food particles hidden between teeth and the gum lines that a toothbrush cannot reach. But that does not mean it should be done in public. No one wants to look up and see a complete stranger dig around in his teeth or have to duck from little bits of food particles from a leftover lunch that are flying in the air because that person has a dental appointment in an hour.

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