In The Age Of WorldStar When Will Men Stop Taping And Stand Up?

September 4, 2013  |  

(Sigh) All right.  Let me start this post off by saying that I know that this behavior is not indicative to the entire male community.  However, I have to be honest, the men who are getting caught slipping are honestly making the rest of you all look bad.  Now, you all know that I love you men.  Despite the bad ones that have crossed my threshold, there have been even more good individuals to restore my faith in men, and for that, I thank you.  But, what is going on with the spectators though?

I try to search my mind and make up reasons for why things are as they seem to be visually-documented.  The best thing that I have come up with is that technology has helped shaped our society from doers to spectators.  Too many people are behind computer screens and television screens watching life past them by, that when real action happens, we’re so used to just sitting back and watching it that it’s become second nature.

However, is it possible, men that have been captured on camera phones, to stop looking and possibly start acting?  Maybe my ideas of how a man should behave are archaic, and maybe the problem is me, I should grow with the times.  But, I have to be honest, I feel as though it’s completely despicable when I see clips like the fight between the bus driver and the disgruntled passenger and the men are not only watching, but cheering on.  Or the fight that happened in a Memphis iHop of four women fighting, and it seemed that once two of the men tried to jump in and break it up other people pulled them back while the camera man repeatedly yelled:  “Worldstar!”  The most nauseating moment came when one girl was motionless on the floor, prostrate, and the camera man decided to take a break from yelling the “W”-word to say:  “She might be dead, check her pulse.”  Yet, no one did.

Now, I understand that some of these women are also at fault.  If they were determined to re-create a WWE scene in public that obviously represents a lack of self esteem. And no one can make them have more self-esteem than themselves.    However, men, could you please interact, object, say something, other than sounding like you’re imitating the sounds of a Terio Vine (“Ohh… kill ’em!  Ohhh…”)

With that, we have come full circle.  When you are watching something through a screen (television or computer), yeah, it’s bad, but you’re somehow desensitized, because you’re not physically there.  You can be distracted by other stimuli, and you have that comfort that you’re in a control setting, not in the heart of chaos.  But my concern comes in when people are physically there, can feel the tension in the air, have all five of their senses fully connect when each blow makes contact and still want to cheer it on.  This isn’t the Colosseum, where pain is your amusement.  Heck, it’s not even an ultimate fighting match.  These are people who lack the ability to make a good decision in their lives and the spectators who are encouraging it.

I know that you might feel like you’re not your sisters’ keeper, and you can’t stop people being from being stupid.  However, you can extinguish the flame to which you’re contributing.  Try and be your brother’s keeper and at least allow the ones that are trying to break up the fight do it; instead of yelling at them for ruining your camera shot.

In a moment of true transparency, do you not see how the world sees us?  We all have to step up and try to do better.  While these women need to learn how to use their words, men, who want a viral video, you need to learn to use yours as well.

Kendra Koger loves the men, and love making random comments on twitter @kkoger.

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