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Like Sméagol on the hunt for the precious, precious ring, passive aggressive, right wing fucktards have too been trolling the news, looking for any story to prove that black folks are the true racists.

Most recently these right wing media outlets have been obsessed with stories of white victims and black perpetrators. Most of the outlets insist that these crimes serve as proof that there is a covert race war happening and the liberal media is refusing to cover it, so not to hurt the feelings of us black folks. The latest examples in this media coverup of the silent black insurgency is the shocking and tragic tale of the racialized assault of little three year old blond haired blue eyed Mackenzie Peterson. The culprits: her two five year old next door neighbors. But they were black so.

According to right-leaning UK Daily Mail,

A shocking video has emerged which appears to show the racially motivated bullying of a three-year-old white girl by her five-year-old black neighbors. Two clips uploaded to Facebook and entitled ‘When white people pi** black people off’, show a heartbreaking scene – a little Minneapolis girl trying to play with another group of girls who are encouraged to hit, push and verbally abuse the toddler at the encouragement of an older boy off camera. Outraged viewers quickly seized upon the videos as evidence of racism and unleashed a torrent of threatening calls at the parents of the bullying children – who had no idea the incident had been filmed, let alone posted online and rushed to apologize to the equally clueless parents of the victim.”

There is video of the harrowing incident, which the Daily Mail also captures in frame by frame stills throughout the article, uses descriptive terms like “wrenching” and “mercifully” to describe the incident. The Daily Mail recounts how Peterson was rolling along the neighborhood on her tricycle, just minding her business when approached by the nameless five year old black girls (because blood thirsty black baby thugs have no names; just prison ID numbers) and assaulted her. According to the article, the big black girls forced Peterson to curl her own hand into a ball and punch her own face, while they chanted, ‘Why you hitting yourself? Why you hitting yourself.” As Peterson sits battered and wailing alone on her tricycle, the racist thugs take her toy and toss it across the ground. Then they pick their afros, give her the black fisted salute, hop in their 1977 Cadillac Fleetwood and escape to the secret underground black pride lair, where they celebrated their mission with a cold glass of milk (chocolate of course) and some fig cookies in the shape of Huey P. Newton.

Although at no point was any racial language used by anyone in the incident, the video was filmed and uploaded online by one of the girl’s 12-year old brother, who titled it, “this is what happens when white people piss black people off.” So I guess that makes it racial. The story of Peterson’s assault has gone viral, mostly on right wing news sites and blogs like this one called Victims Against Whites, where one possibly illiterate commenter promptly noted, “ I am appaled and I wonder is Mr. Obamma proud of these sons and daughters? Perhaps this white three year old had abused them at some point in the past? No these children of the O maan were taught are taught and encouraged to be just this way…” Neither President Obama, or the other black dude named Obamma, could be reached for comment, however both fathers of the children involved, (including Peterson’s dad) contend that the children usually play nicely together and totally felt like this incident had been blown out of proportion.

I have to say that have read some pretty dumb Isht in my life but this by far is the dumbest. And it is hard to say exactly whom I should be more angered by: the people, who wrote this ridiculous trite (even for a right leaning UK paper) or the racist paranoid mental cases, who have latched on this story for proof of some form of reverse-racism?

Nevertheless, the erroneous exploitation of real life tragedies continues to dominate the right wing narrative and has involved more serious crimes including the story of the 88-year-old white World War II veteran Delbert Belton, who allegedly was beaten to death by two black teenagers in Spokane, Washington. Although Spokane police chief Frank Straub told reporters that race was not a factor and the motives of the attack were definitely robbery – basically the opposite of exacting some Nat Turner-esque blood vendetta against white people – this has not convinced the intriguing yet oh-so-simple minds of reverse-racism watchdog Matt Drudge, who tweeted: “White 89-year-old WW2 vet beaten to death by two black teens. No urgent TV specials. No national conversation. No O identifying with victim.”

And no sense of decency, awareness nor respect for the dead.

And just last week, various right-wing sites were again abuzz over the death of Christopher Lane, the Australian baseball player, who was savagely murdered by three young men in a small town in Oklahoma. Many of these right wing sites have not only concocted some racial overtones but have also made parallels to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, including David Webb of, who brazenly questioned why Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, has been silent about this tragedy?

Of course, there are little similarities between the Lane and Martin case – if any at all. In fact, the truths are that in the Lane case, the perpetrators were pretty interracial; the crime occurred in a town, where the population was overwhelmingly white (therefore a strong likelihood that the victim would be white); their stated reason for killing Lane was out of boredom (not racial) and more importantly, the kids were arrested and immediately charged in the crimes, unlike the Martin case, which involved over a month of protest and threats of a DOJ investigation. Nevertheless, these facts continue to fall deaf on the ears of right wing blowhards like Rush Limbaugh, who said of the case:

I’m watching the Drive-Bys cover this story, and, boy, they’re being drawn to this reluctantly.  They really don’t want to get anywhere near this, and the reason they don’t is because this is black-on-white crime, and that doesn’t happen. In the mainstream media world that they portray, in the mainstream media world that they present us each and every day, black-on-white crime doesn’t happen.  So it can’t happen here.  It won’t be reported.  They’ll just report it casually, and focus on the gun aspect. 

I am thoroughly convinced that many right wingers lack the cognitive thinking skills to figure out how to use a spork properly let alone involve themselves in politics. But to use some of that reverse-derailing that our friends on the right love to use themselves when forced to confront real life instances of racism: 84% of whites are killed by other whites. This means a white person is six times more likely to be murder by someone in their own neighborhood (sometimes in their own home) than they are by some black baby thugs. And at some point, white people are going to have to stop being lazy, stop blaming the black man and do something about all the problems that they created in their own communities.

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