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Do you find you are often distracted at work? These days, what with social media lures and bantering around the office, there are many ways to get off track during the business day. Well, according to The Los Angeles Timesthere are some productivity apps that claim to come to the rescue. If you’ve used any of them, please let us know if it worked.

Pocket: If you are like me, you love to read a few articles or watch a few videos when you sit down to the computer. But this can lead to a lot of wasted time. Pocket Android and iOS Pocket apps lets you save directly from your browser. Then you can return to it later–once you’ve done all your work for the day.

“The free app was made to help you stay organized, save ideas and improve your productivity,” notes The Times.  Pocket syncs across all platforms, including your phone, tablet and computer and you can view it anytime on any device–without an internet connection.

Dunno: Don’t you love the name of this app? Dunno is a free iOS cloud-based app that does research for you while you wait.  Sort of like a Google search, every time something grabs your attention, you jot it down and the free app gets related research and notifies you when it’s done, reports the article.

Pomodoro Timer Lite: If you literally need a timer to keep you on schedule, this is an app for you. “The Pomodoro Android app is a productivity timer and method of working, in which you work for 25 minutes, then take a three-to-five minute break, and then continue working for another 25 minutes,” reports the newspaper.

The work intervals are referred to as “pomodoros,” which is Italian for tomato, and is based on the popular tomato-shaped timer.

Bump: This is kinda cool. Bump is a free cross-platform sharing iOS and Android app that lets user to share information like contacts, photos or files just by bumping two phones together. And it doesn’t matter if one phone is Android and the other is iPhone.

Make me: An app for procrastinators. It  actually pushes you to get things done. “The whole experience is gamified, so there’s an element of fun peer pressure to make sure you don’t get off track,” reports The Times.

Would any of these work for you?

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