The Miley Cyrus VMA Performance Gifs: 10 Reasons Teddy Bears And Twerking Don’t Mix

August 27, 2013  |  
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Miley’s bear-twerking breakout “We Can’t Stop” performance Sunday night was nothing short of horrifying. If you tuned in to the MTV 2013 VMA’s in time to witness the gyrating, tongue-wagging twenty-something get down on the dance floor, you were probably just as speechless as the countless other viewers who tuned in. In a desperate attempt to shed her squeaky clean, Disney persona, Miley has truly gone overboard. The once doe-eyed,  girl-next-door has transformed into a wiggling,  wannabe wangsta. Yes, I resurrected that word just for her – she made me do it. Someone needs to tell her that not all attention is good attention – it was lewd, raunchy and stripper-esque. Check out some of the worst moments of the Miley Cyrus VMA performance that left us just as doe-eyed as she once was.

1. The tongue thrashing, devilish horns and wicked scowl are reminiscent of a sinful centaur.

2. Will Smith is thinking, “I’m sure your parents just don’t understand why you’re baring all for the world to see. ” Jaden and Willow seem to be watching a horror movie and the monster is none other than . . . Miley!

3. Robin Thicke’s referee, beetle juice getup while grinding with scantily clad foul-y, I mean Miley Cyrus, is downright distasteful. Paula Patton, please come skool this lil’ girl!

4. Shame on it all. The pelvic thrusts combined with the girlish underwear is straight up trifling. The addition of the super foam finger makes it that much  more disgusting.

5. And more pelvic thrusts – didn’t her mama teach her better than that? There’s class and then there’s trash.

6. Rihanna’s expression was priceless as she side-eyed Miley wildin’ out on stage. It was like watching a train wreck – you want to tear your eyes away so bad, but you just can’t.

7. Bears and twerking do not go hand in hand. Nor do bear onsies on adults – Yogi, Boo Boo, Teddy Ruxpin – you have been totally disrespected, and I apologize on her behalf.


8. Umm . . how to put this lightly – the two bantu knots won’t bring you any closer to being black . . .

9. Nor will touching the big booty of a twerking black woman like you’re conjuring a genie from the lamp – Miley’s wish – to actually have a booty of her own to twerk with.

10. Miley’s metaphorical performance says to us – back in the day when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again — in a creepy sort of way.


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