Cubicle Confessions: My Coworker Tried To Sabotage Me…

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Cubicle Confessions is a new MN Business column bringing you real-life office horror stories from MadameNoire readers. This week’s topic is coworker sabatoge:

Patrice: I used to work at a public health clinic and we had a suggestions/ comments box. My co worker went through the box and removed all of the positive comments about me and throw them away. During a meeting the head of the clinic told us we needed to step up our customer service because our comment box was always empty. Her friend went to the boss and let her know what was going on. The thing that bothered me the most was that we were the only black people who worked in that clinic and we lived on an island where blacks made up 2% of the population and she chose to make an enemy instead of a friend.

Michaela: Errm yes! A co-worker from a diff. dept than I turned on me after I told her she should only contact me via email after she’d started calling my personal phone back-to-back for nonsense. She even got her supervisor to join, and they conspired to get me kicked off of a case, saying the client no longer felt comfortable with me. Where was I at the time. In an appointment. With that client. That they had scheduled with me. They completely tried to backtrack b/c of it. In the end, I didn’t even take it to HR, b/c thier reputations were ruined around the office after that, anyway, and a year later I’ve advanced when they’re exactly where they were then.

Celeste: My (married) boss is sleeping with the receptionist. He wants to fire me because I know.

Sharetta: Hell yes….I had a co worker go to my boss and say she does all the work. i need to start contributing more. when it all was settled my boss looked the numbers up and saw out of a 5 person team I was completing 50 percent of the work. Needless to say instead of sabotaging me she was put on probation. the irony of it…..i got a raise behind it lbs.

Tamika: Only black person in management position. It was like they were trying to break me down everyday especially when they found out I was getting my Master’s degree. Tried everything they could to keep me down but I persevered.

Catherine: I’m dealing with a racist cat lady.

Ann: Yes. She called a meeting with the other bosses. I quickly type up my letter of resignation and took to the meeting with me and handed it to them because I had another job I was working part time for who wanted me. Been with the company for 24 years now.

La’Teesa: I think my worse situation was when I was a bank teller years ago… My supervisor hated me so bad that she stole a large check from my draw to get me fired. The president knew it wasn’t me he hired a private investigator… When it was all said and done my supervisor got fired and another co-worker who was her accomplice.

Nageetah: Yes!! I applied for the position of part time administrative assistant at a gospel radio station. There was a elder lady working there. She had no computer skills. She flashed hateration when he introduced us. I noticed she would come in my office, and things would disappear, proposals I created, bills on my desk, pens, my earrings. One day she said; you got something in your hair. She snatched my hair. As she did it, the boss was walking in my office. He said; she believes in witch craft, that’s why she took some of your hair. I said; ooh yeah. Hehehee. The next day when I walked past her desk, I pretended to throw something. She grasped. And, she quit the same day. HAHAHAAA. I them became Office Manager. I do not believe in witch craft. My greatgrandma said it CANNOT harm you if you DO NOT believe. I thank her for a job well done.

Michon: yes!!!!! When the attorneys went to court the secretaries would go out and shop and get the nails done to say the least, yet the one time I left early to get my driver’s license renewed and being that it took a long time I called and spoke with the so called office manager who by the way was the one who always disappeared when the Partners were out for the day, and asked if it was alright to go home rather than come in for a couple of hours and she said no problem. Next day my boss from the home office was there to meet with me because she had snitched on me. Well I figured, since she snitched on me it was time to turn the heat on and believe me by the time I finished telling about all her missing in action days she only hurt herself. I told the truth and it did not hurt me one bit because she told me it was cool not to return and being she was the so called office manager she was in the wrong since she should have said they needed me to come back. Sneaky people need to watch what they do. Sad to say it effected everyone in the office. She was dead wrong.

Lakshmi: Dear Madame noire, I’ve been in that kind of situation, I was called in to replace a worker who went into maternity leaves, so the post was vacant for 9 months or so, I signed in for that period, and for the 7 months I’ve been there, I was only criticized, joked of, they gave me some false information so I can mistakes in my task bye 3 women who didn’t wanted me in that post. I kept it up through the remaining 2 months, unfortunately, on the second week before I terminate my contract, we had an good bye drink fir a co worker with whom I really got around with, but as I was one of the co organisator, they boycotted the whole surprise and told everyone to not come, it wasn’t as important as it seems. Unfortunatly I lost and my cool and my temper and i ended up insulting every one and yelling at the whole company. Till the same day I had the CEO called me and we came to an arrangement.

Mee Mee: OOOHHH YES!!! I was about 5 mos new on this job, and my co-worker and I were out of town at a meeting. Long story short, we had our meeting throughout the day, and that evening we were going to dinner with one of the people we had met earlier in the day….well my co-worker said I didn’t have to attend the dinner meeting if I didn’t want to…basically trying to downplay it, like oh it’s not a big deal if you go or not, we met with them earlier and yada yada yada…. well I decided to opt out of going to the dinner with her and the other person… don’t you know the next morning my supervisor was on my phone in my ear asking me all kinds of questions about why I didn’t attend the dinner meeting… I said “b/c such and such said I didn’t have to attend if I didn’t want to…” My supervisor went on to let me know, I was there to work, and that all meetings were of utmost importance…Needless that heffa got me that time, but I made sure she never fooled me again…

Renee: I was accused of threatening a coworker when I told her to watch her back “what goes around comes around / karma” She ran to security saying she feared a death threat. By the grace of God, and the fact that the chief of my dept steped forward on my behalf, as well as sound union representation, I still have a job.

Miss Charla: heck yes! I am in social work and burn out is often! I was burnt out and ready for my vacation to the bahamas and out of the country for the first time. The person who was my partner in the progran we worked in was always so supportive and sweet until i left for vacation (mind you, i am out of the country…no email, no phone). A very close coworker pulled me to the side when i returned as she had overheard her speaking to my supervisors telling them that i was rude to my clients, that she was concerned about me and wondered if i was doing drugs (due to my change in behavior). She was supposed be my partner, and i would have hoped that she would’ve shared her concerns with me. I was burned out, checked out and was looking forward to my vacation i had been planning for OVER a year NOT DOING DRUGS #backstabbers


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