Surprising Things Men Love About Monogamy

August 30, 2013  |  
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Don’t believe all the rumors about monogamy just being a burden, a nuisance, a “responsibility” and “not in their nature” for men. There are plenty of reasons men enjoy cozying up with just one woman, and some may surprise you.

Not having to “hunt”

That repulsively confident guy who bothers you and your friends at the bar, acting like he’s God’s gift to womankind and trying to squeeze your phone number out of you—don’t be fooled by him. He is miserable and exhausted. And your boyfriend is so happy he doesn’t have to go out and do that every night anymore.


Less doctors visits

Men hate going to the doctor. They tend to avoid it at all costs and just “give themselves checkups.” Being in a monogamous relationship means less trips to the doctor to get tested.

Having someone to vent to

Deep down, men are big babies and they wish they could still cry about how their co-worker bullies them, just like they got to cry about the bully on the preschool playground. But they can’t vent like that to their buddies. They can to a girlfriend, though!

Making mom happy

Every mom wants to see her son settle down with a caring, nurturing, strong woman. It’s a load off a mother’s shoulders to let someone else check in on her son’s emotional, mental and physical wellbeing every day. Your boyfriend gets a warm fuzzy feeling when he sees his mom smiling at you and him together.

Being a protector

Being responsible for the safety of a woman sparks some primal satisfaction in a man. A man doesn’t have to be aggressive, or be the bar-fight-starting-type to feel like your protector. Just know that when your guy looks at you, in the back of his mind he’s thinking, “I’m responsible for that one.” And he likes it.


Comfortable silence

It’s the greatest feeling to be able to be alone, but not be alone. Guys love getting to that comfortable stage with a woman when they can just share a comfortable silence, watching TV or working on their laptops side by side. A single guy has to always be on when he’s on a date.

Staying in

They won’t admit it, but guys love staying in. It requires zero money and zero energy. Let your guy role his eyes when you suggest skipping a party to make food at home and watch Netflix, but he’s secretly relieved.

Knowing how to turn you on

A single guy has to RE-discover how to turn a woman on every time he wants some. Just because he gets a woman back to his apartment for after-date drinks, doesn’t mean he’s getting any. He has to know just what to say and how to touch her. With a long-term girlfriend, a guy knows what buttons to push to have her in bed within minutes.


Knowing how to give you the big O

It can be a lot of work for a man to help a woman climax! Physical and emotional work (do you know what it does to a guy’s ego if fifteen minutes go by and you’ve barely made a pleasure-filled moan?) But when a guy gets the chance for nightly repeat performances, he can figure out how to give you the big O quicker and quicker.

Always having a plus one

Having to make a hundred introductions at every office party, wedding, or house warming for a long lost friend is tiring. But that’s exactly what a guy has to do if he goes solo to an event. Having a plus one means there’s always someone to hide out by the bar with.

Never having to eat alone

Most men do not like eating alone. It’s why they can go 12 hours without a meal! They’ll wait until a buddy can meet up for a burger, or until they have a dinner date. Men love having someone they can almost always depend on to grab a bite with them.

Seeing all of a woman’s sides

If a guy only goes on a handful of dates with a woman, he’s just going to see her done-up side. But your boyfriend gets turned on by seeing all your sides; you in your pajamas, you in your overalls painting a room, you in your apron making dinner.


Having a point person

Even though he’ll wait until he’s completely alone so nobody will tease him, your guy likes making the good morning and good night calls. It’s nice to have somebody out there who wants to know when you’re starting your day, and when you’re ending it.

Having someone care about his health

He’ll seem annoyed, but your guy secretly loves when you snatch that doughnut out of his hand and replace it with a bran muffin. Most guys don’t want to do the mental work of staying healthy, but they love having a girlfriend around to do it for them.

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