Times People Get Their Black Card Snatched By The Race Police

August 30, 2013  |  
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In a perfect world, you’d get to hold on to your black card forever just by virtue of being black. But not everyone feels the same way. Sometimes people will try to snatch, temporarily suspend, or call a black card into question for things they don’t agree with. We’re not cosigning or saying any of these scenarios are right, we’re just saying we know how we do sometimes.

Rocking Heavy Metal Music

Unlocking the Truth is a trio of little kids who are going viral for their musical talent. But the three little boys don’t get the same love from black people as many other black artists. All three say they’ve been teased at school for doing things that black kids don’t normally do.

Dating White Women

When Maxwell filled his Instagram account with pictures of the white women he hangs out with, black women called him out for not showing sisters any love and accused him of handing over his black card. Maxwell clapped back by calling his critics racist:

“sick if some of you chiming in on my friends and Insulting them with racists comments you know nothing you assume everything and you should know better and worship is for GOD not me so sit down”

Acting In “White Movies”

Black actors have to stick together. Before Wayne Brady showed up on the “Chapelle Show,” he was way under our radar. And there are a lot of black actors like Romany Malco and Thandie Newton who don’t always get a lot of love from the home team.

Being Into Science Fiction

In fairness, Sci-Fi nerds get it from all sides. But black sci-fi nerds enjoy a special type of shade. And that’s a shame because sci-fi likes black people. Levar Burton was a major Star Trek star, Halle Berry was in X-Man and Gina Torres has been in the Matrix, Firefly and Angel.

Not Watching Black TV Shows

“What do you mean you’ve never seen Madea?” Some people see “Madea”, “White Girls” and “Martin” as new forms of blaxploitation. And when Spike Lee called Tyler Perry’s work “coonery buffoonery,” a lot of people called his black card into question and Tyler said he could go “straight to hell.”

Dating White Men

When Eve started dating businessman Maximillion Cooper, she received so much shade from folks trying to take her black card that she had to publically respond:

“I need them to stop [caring about interracial dating]. What year is it? Like, stop. Seriously…Ppeople came at me like, ‘I can’t believe you’re dating a white dude and you don’t like black dudes no more.’ I’m like, ‘I love black men, it just so happens that my heart went this way right now.’”

Supporting Paula Deen

Ex-fans have been trying to take away Stacey Dash’s black card since she vocally voted for Mitt Romney — a man who was a pillar of the Mormon church well before it allowed black people to join the religion in 1978. When she Tweeted her support for Paula Deen, a lot of folk considered her black card officially revoked.

Having Conservative Politics

Clarence Thomas, Ward Connerly, Herman Cain and other conservative politicians don’t always have high ratings with the black community. Condoleeza Rice has been called everything from a “black tyrant” to “Uncle Tom.” But Condi says that no matter her political policies, shade can’t take her black card away:

“Why would I worry about something like that? … The fact of the matter is I’ve been black all my life. Nobody needs to tell me how to be black.”

Eating Healthy

Stick to natural foods or go vegan like Rus, and some people think you’re “too good” to eat soul food. And that’s a shame because that sort of peer pressure is making a lot of us sick. When Tia Mowry became a spokesperson for PETA, she actually said she was bullied for her choice to go vegan.

Supporting George Zimmerman

Conservative TV personality Larry Elder alienated a lot of black people when he took a public stand on George Zimmerman’s side after he killed Trayvon Martin:

“This guy, as a neighborhood watch captain, was concerned about crime .. and according to Florida law, you don’t have to retreat,” he said. “You can stand your ground and fight back. And apparently that’s what this guy (Zimmerman) did.”


Actors like “Prison Break” star Wentworth Miller and Rashida Jones sometimes never get their black card in the first place. Is it because most of America thinks they’re white? OR does it have more to do with skin color?

Being Afro-Latina

Slave ships landed in the Dominican Republic and South America just like they did in the United States. But for some reason, African-Americans have trouble claiming their spanish speaking counterparts.

When Zoe Saldana was chosen to play Nina, she dealt with her black card jacking the best way she knew how:

“I can only rely on that and maintain as much humility as possible, so that when I have to face the world and we have to then give the movie to the world to see, and share it with them, that if it comes back in . . . a negative fashion or positive, I’m gonna keep my chin up. And Nina was like that too. I did it all out of love for my people and my pride of being a black woman and a Latina woman and an American woman, and that’s my truth.”


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