Being Cheap Is Attractive? Men And Women Prefer Penny Pinchers Over Big Spenders

August 25, 2013  |  


MN recently reported that one’s credit score is as important as looks on the dating scene. Well, a new study goes hand-in-hand with these findings: men and women prefer a partner who is more money-conscious with their spending, Time reports.

Frugal spenders were once shunned in the dating community; now after trudging through a money-eating recession, men and women appreciate someone who can keep a tight hold on their finances. “[M]any surveys and studies have shown that being responsible with money — perhaps even to the point that you might be considered cheap — bodes well for your love life,” Time says.

Nearly 25 percent of adult daters pulled out a coupon to pay for romantic outings–on a first date! But 73 percent wouldn’t mind the penny-pinching gesture; they reported that they would pursue a second date with the bargain hunter.

Another recent study, titled “A Penny Saved Is a Partner Earned: The Romantic Appeal of Savers,” finds that men and women perceive savers to be more attractive than spenders. Why? Because daters assume that partners who have high financial self-control will translate that discipline into other areas of  their life such as commitment.  They also believe that they are less likely to “impulsively say hurtful things or cheat on a romantic partner,” Time says.

“You would think that spending would be more attractive, because things like flashy watches or purses are so visible,” said Jenny Olson, co-author of the study. “Those things can also be perceived as wasteful and lacking in self-control.”

The researchers conclude that the perception of spenders has been transformed. Maybe at one time, probably during the pre-recession era, spenders were more desired. Presently, more Americans have learned the hard way about financial responsibility.

Would you date a frugal man? What about someone who used a coupon on the first date?

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